Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weird Wednesday - Emperor Hydra For Your Old School Space Opera

Emperor Hydra 
Type: Monstrous Animal
Armor Class : 5 (14)

Hit Dice: 5
Attacks: 5  Bite (1d6)Breaths fire cone 90 foot long& 30 foot wide, Disease Attack 

Saving Throw 12,11, 9,8,7,
Special: Red Death Breath Weapon, Fire  

Move: 9 
Challenge level /XP:7/600
This is an ancient bio weapon left behind in numerous places by ancient visitors from beyond  the pale of man. These monsters spread death & destruction wherever they are found.
The creatures are the source of crawling corruption wherever their found. They can exist & adapt to a wide variety of climates.
Many of the normal rules for hyrda apply to these creatures but they have an additional fire & disease attack. These creatures were bio engineered to survive with dread bacterial plague of red death within their bodies. They are usually found guarding ancient military sites & bases long after their owners have turned to dust. Within these monsters are micro bio fusion generators that enable these beings to exist for thousands of years. The system is supported by the downing of flesh at least twice a week.
 Anyone hit by claw, bite, even a glancing blow must make a save versus disease or poison or be subject to the dreadful effects of  Red Death. They may even become a carrier for the death not knowing that they are dooming others even as they appear healthy. Only the effects of psychic healing or expensive white " magics" may exterminate the effects of this horrid disease.
Areas where these creatures are seen are blighted, mutated, & worse. These creatures are often used as disease vectors or worse.
 The hydra gets the name because once upon a time only emperors could afford the costs for maintaining one of these dreadful & dangerous monsters 


  1. Cool. I like the weaving of the mythological and the sci-fi.

  2. Well I couldn't post the original inspiration but this one is a pretty damn good substitute for now! Thanks this one is something left over from the Post Apocalyptic Mars game. There's more to come & thanks for the shout out the other day my friend! Awesome of you really!


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