Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1d10 Random Alien City Finds Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Random Alien City Finds Table

  1. A Fix Point Reality Generator 12 tons ~ Fixed to a point in the local time space continuum. 
  2. 2 relic space craft over 12 million years old 
  3. 12 stable Tesla Fuel cells 
  4. A stable Tesla Zone generator 10 tons 
  5. A singularity point hold system with diffusion lens. 
  6. Phasic laser lens system within 30 mega watt range 
  7. Meteor disruption system 14 tons & fully charged 1d30 damage Range 2 light years 
  8. A fully operational terraforming station ready to go 
  9.  Quasi Chaotic dimensional door generator 23 tons. 
  10. Zero point Generator system. Plates & all ready for transport 30 tons 

    Conditions of Finds table 1d4 
  1. Wherever did you find this piece of space drek! Get it out of my sight but on second thought here's a 100 credits for the scrap 
  2. This is museum quality! Perfect artifact my friends! 
  3. That's worth less then half of book value! Lets go over the flaws as I see them! 
  4. Perfect! Here's ten 10% over book value! 

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