Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Tilzacha Or The Ageless Ones ~ A New Monster For Your Old School Space Opera

The Tilzacha  Or The Ageless Ones

The Ageless Ones 
Type: Other 
Armor Class: 7
Hit dice:4 
Attacks:  Strike (1d8), Mummy Rot 
Saving Throw :16 
Special: Immune To All Mind Altering Psionics or Psychic Powers, Mummy Rot 
Challenge Level/XP:2/30

There are those who would give everything up for immortality & there are powers from beyond the ken of mankind who would give them their desires.  
 The Tilzacha  Or The Ageless Ones are one such monster that results when a entire galactic race of beings gives into the powers beyond the White Wall of the Unwashed Realities. 
 The Tilzacha  Or The Ageless Ones once ruled a vast empire of millions of worlds & bargained with the Creve'l for the promise of immortality to rule over their worlds. 
The demonic powers from beyond gave them their wish of a sort. They were given the curse of "no flesh" & the powers of their minds increased a thousand fold. But their powers only allowed them to create bodies of pure psychic energies.  The Tilzacha  Or The Ageless Ones could rule their worlds but time continued to pass them by. They watched as the universe itself moved on without them. 
They still watch to this day & the Creve'l laugh from their thrones of dimensional hellish hyperspace.  The Tilzacha  Or The Ageless Ones hate the living with a vengeance of a thousand black suns. For not only are they undeath itself but their very touch spreads contagion & corruption. Those who are hit by their bony clawed fists will contract a vile form of "mummy rot". Slowly but surely the flesh will fall from the victim's body unless a save vs disease is made or fire applied to the wound. Thus within a fort night the victim will join the ranks of  The Tilzacha  Or The Ageless Ones. 
Still to this day these monsters can be found though out the universe whispering, singing, & cursing the stars. They sometimes move from world to world causing their curse to take down empires, worlds, colonies, etc. all while they watch the speckle like some immortal cosmic voyeur. 
 These things are nothing more then vile undead of the most cursed nature. They have when found in their tomb lairs type "B" treasure. They made excellent quality wands, psionic lenses, & weird devices all for their strange cursed existence. They sometimes seek employment in the lowest strata of the galactic criminal under world
 They may still be found where or whenever their empire flourished in days of  interstellar yore. 

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