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1d20 Random Drugs From The Marvel Universe For Your Old School Space Opera Game

Sometimes a DM needs a special compound or drug. The following was from my High Caliber & Mysticism campaign which used Mutant Future/ Labyrinth Lord as its base set in an alternative Marvel/DC universe 

1d20 Random Drugs From The Marvel Universe

1.Acetovaxidol (AVX)

The drug that gave the Anti-Captain his enhanced abilities. From Captain America and the Falcon #4.[2]

2.Compound X07

A mysterious chemical created by the scientists of Advanced Idea Mechanics. When a tanker carrying Compound X07 was involved in an accident with a church bus, the lone survivor, who had been thoroughly drenched in the compound, gained lightning-fast healing and became insensitive to pain. He eventually became the costumed individual known as Madcap. The chemical may or may not have contributed to his mental instability. First appears in Captain America #307.[2]

3.Growth Pills

The Pym Particle delivery system that allowed Giant ManAnt-Man, and the Wasp to grow or return to their normal size. Also referred to as shrinking capsules.[2]


A narcotic described as "ultra-addictive" that originated in Atlantis and made its way to the surface. Treated as a narcotic by Atlanteans, when used on humans it makes them aggressive. Hook-addicted humans secrete an enzyme that, if harvested, can be turned into a separate narcotic.[20]

4.Infinity Formula

The powerful serum that keeps Nick Fury youthful (a.k.a. an immortality drug). He needs to receive an annual injection of the formula or he will rapidly age 60 years. Developed by a French scientist, Dr. Berthold Sternberg and initially given to Fury in an attempt to save his life near the end of World War II when he was injured by a land mine. The last known samples of the Infinity Formula are then expended by Nick Fury to save Mockingbird[21] and Bucky's life [22]. Introduced in Marvel Spotlight #31.[2]


A highly addictive drug dispensed via inhalant, that enhances special abilities in mutants. Later discovered to be an aerosol compound for distributing a primordial microorganism known only as Sublime. Used by Xorn, Jumbo Carnation, Quentin Quire, and Sophie of theStepford Cuckoos. The active ingredient is Hypercortisone-D.[2]

6.Mutant Growth Hormone

Also known as MGH, is a drug extracted from the genetic material of superpowered individuals, that grants temporary powers to whoever takes it. Sometimes used as a party drug, MGH often results in increased strength and aggression.[2] Also, when given to an already super-powered individual, it enhances their abilities further. The name is a reference to the actual drug human growth hormone(HGH), which has been controversially used by athletes in sports since the 1970s and is banned under numerous international competitions.

7.Ultimate Marvel

The Ultimate version of the Mutant Growth Hormone (aka Banshee) has appeared, and engineered by Charles Xavier in the Savage Land with Magneto and his group. The drug, much like the Mainstream MGH, boosts mutant's power (evident in Colossus and Alpha Flight's cases). Later on Moira MacTaggert reveals it gives normal people sonic scream abilities, and is formed from Wolverine's own blood. [23]


A drug developed by Osborn Industries in the Ultimate Marvel universe that indirectly granted that universe's Peter Parker his powers when he was bitten by an Oz-injected spider. Also gave the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin their powers.[2]


A deadly, highly addictive drug produced by Alchemax that bonds to the user's DNA. Used to keep Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099 working for the mega-corporation.[2]


A highly addictive street drug that temporarily boosts a mutant's power.[2]

11.Red, White & Blue

A trio of placebos used to control and manipulate the alpha conditioned moods of Nuke, a deranged super soldier.[2]

12.Serum SO-2

Serum SO-2 was a mutagen developed as part of Project Sulfur to provide immunity for soldiers against biological warfare; the experiment was abandoned when it was noted that the serum had the unfortunate side effect of horribly mutating its recipients into monstrous freaks. Later Ted Sallis injects the serum into his own body in an attempt to keep it out of the hands of A.I.M. agents, the serum transforms Sallis into Man-Thing. First appears in Savage Tales #1.[2][24]


A gaseous form of the Super Soldier Serum that grants increased speed, strength, and endurance. From the Underworld mini-series.

14.Super Soldier Serum

The drug from which Captain AmericaIsaiah BradleyPatriotProtocide and Josiah X get their enhanced abilities. It was developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine to enhance all the physical and mental abilities to the pinnacle of human ability[1], working in conjunction with 'Vita-Rays' to trigger the effects on the subject's body chemistry. However, Erskine was killed after the serum was first tested on Rogers, with the result that the serum was lost forever as vital parts of the serum's formula had never been written down or shared with anyone else aside from Erskine, with attempts to duplicate the serum meeting with failure, either not having any noticeable result or horribly mutilating the subject.
In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, when scientists have planned to recreate the serum, they ended up creating the giants that are seen in the Omega Base.
In Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the serum was used on Felicia Hardy which eventually turned her into the Black Cat.
In the film Captain America: The First Avenger, it was also responsible for turning Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull due to a combination of it not being perfected during that time as well as Schmidt's dark inner nature, Erskine stating that the serum amplifies everything about the user and therefore brought out Schmidt's flaws. It is also implied in the 2008 Incredible Hulk film that a version of the Super Soldier Serum is used on the Emil Blonsky, being responsible for the twisted nature of his mutation when he is injected with Bruce Banner's blood as the gamma radiation combines with the serum.

15.Terrigen Mists

A dangerous mutagen used by the Inhumans to induce random mutations in their youth during a rite of passage ceremony. Humans exposed to the mist temporarily gain super-powers, but eventually suffer from degenerative mutations followed by death. DepoweredMutants experience a temporary return of their powers but with uncontrollable and unpredictable side-effects. The mists themselves are a by product of Terrigen crystals. First used on mutants in the Son of M mini-series.[2]


A purified form of Zap. It grants the user an incredible euphoria, heightened strength, increased endurance and an inability to feel pain. It also causes death in one hour. Thunderbolt was developed by a Dr. Malheur and marketed by the Yakuza. The act of taking the drug was known as "riding the thunderbolt". As shown in Wolverine #31.[2]

17.Toad Juice

hallucinogen produced by a mutant called Toad Boy. Causes fatal mutations in humans.[2]


Zap was a highly addictive drug made from the "hypothalmic fluid" of the extinct Madripoorian Spider monkey. The systematic IUPACname for Zap was Zootoxic Acid Psychogalvanide.[2]
19. Compound 26
A byproduct of the Super Soldier formula that allows one to have some of the effects of the formula but with lethal results & death within 48 hours. As shown in Captain America Annual 24 
20. The Zeta Drug 
Developed by Hydra from wrecked strands of Wolverine's DNA allows for rapid healing & acute senses but causes berserk rages. Highly addictive. As seen in Marvel U.K. Annual 

This is no way a challenge to copyright holders  or trade mark of  Marvel Entertainment & done under the heading of parody. Everything here is not for profit & only used as entertainment purposes. 


  1. We do try. I'm trying to get through a mountain of material from some older posts & this was among them! There's more to come Terry including an up coming review of a certain product!
    Thanks for the comment!

  2. Very thorough job. What a list! There seems to be a lot of potential for farming the weird qualities of mutant blood in all of this...and not just Wolverine's blood either. Wonder what you could concoct from Magneto's blood, for example...

  3. Hey Garrisonjames thanks for the very cool thoughts. But really the question you have to be asking is what drugs can you distill from your mutant PCs?
    Magneto's blood might yield all kinds of temporary potions or items. Much of his early magnetic themed items from the X men comics might seem hokey but this is being with control over the fundamental forces of the universe.So really the sky is the limit. Thanks for the cool comments & there is more to come!


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