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Avenging Saturday! A D200 Random Encounter Chart The Marvel Way The "Big Guns" of The Avengers For High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure


"And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born—to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! Through the years, their roster has prospered, changing many times, but their glory has never been denied! Heed the call, then—for now, the Avengers Assemble!"
—Prologue from The Avengers used in the 1970s
A Random Encounter Chart The Marvel Way The "Big Guns" of The Avengers 1d200
File:Masters of Evil II.jpg

  1.  Baron Zemo
  2. Masters of Evil,[16] 
  3. Kang the Conqueror
  4. [13] Wonder Man
  5. Count Nefaria.
  6. The Emissaries of Evil
  7. Melter
  8. the Radioactive Man
  9. Black Knight
  10. Baron Heinrich Zemo
  11. Immortus
  12. Klaw,
  13.  Melter
  14.  Whirlwind
  15.  the second Black Knight 
  16.  Beetle,
  17.  Moonstone,
  18.  the original Scorpion
  19. Shocker,
  20.  Tiger Shark,
  21. Absorbing Man
  22. Blackout
  23. Black Mamba
  24. Fixer
  25. Goliath
  26. Grey Gargoyle
  27. Mister Hyde
  28. Screaming Mimi
  29. Tiger Shark
  30. Titania,
  31. Whirlwind
  32. the Wrecking Crew
  33. Aqueduct
  34. Bison
  35. Blackwing,
  36.  Boomerang
  37. Cardinal
  38. Constrictor
  39. the third Cyclone
  40. Dragonfly
  41. the second Eel
  42. Flying Tiger,
  43.  Icemaster,
  44. Jackhammer
  45. Joystick
  46. Klaw
  47. Lodestone,
  48.  Man-Ape
  49. Man-Killer,
  50.  Quicksand
  51. Scorcher,
  52.  Shatterfist
  53. Shockwave
  54. Slyde,
  55.  Sunstroke,
  56. Supercharger,
  57. Doctor Doom, 
  58. Magneto,
  59.  Kingpin
  60. Mandarin,
  61.  Wizard
  62.  Red Skull,

  63. Answer (Aaron Nicholson)
  64. Centurius
  65. Chemistro (Calvin Carr)
  66. Controller
  67. Doctor Demonicus
  68. Dr. Jonas Harrow
  69. Microchip
  70. Wizard
  71. Crimson Cowl
  72. Crossfire
  73. Deathwatch
  74. Jigsaw
  75. Madame Masque
  76. Masked Marauder
  77. Slug (was later replaced by a Skrull imposter)
  78. Cyclone (AndrĂ© Gerard)
  79. Hydro-Man
  80. Vapor (of the U-Foes)
  81. Basilisk (Basil Elks)
  82. Blackout (Marcus Daniels)
  83. Electro
  84. Firebrand (Gary Gilbert)
  85. Graviton
  86. Lightmaster
  87. Living Laser
  88. Megatak
  89. Nitro
  90. Scorcher
  91. Shocker
  92. Sunstroke
  93. X-Ray (of the U-Foes)
  94. Vector (of the U-Foes)
  95. Corruptor
  96. Dansen Macabre (of Night Shift)
  97. Lascivious
  98. Letha
  99. Mandrill
  100. Mentallo
  101. Corruptor
  102. Dansen Macabre (of Night Shift)
  103. Lascivious
  104. Letha
  105. Mandrill
  106. Mentallo
  107. Mind-Wave
  108. Miracle Man
  109. Mirage (Desmond Charne)
  110. Mister Fear (Alan Fagan)
  111. Purple Man
  112. Scarecrow
  113. Wraith (Brian DeWolff)
  114. Armadillo
  115. Blood Brothers
  116. Bloodshed
  117. Crusader (Arthur Blackwood)
  118. Grey Gargoyle
  119. Griffin
  120. Grizzly (Maxwell Markham)
  121. Ironclad (of the U-Foes)
  122. Mister Hyde
  123. Tiger Shark
  124. Tombstone
  125. Blackout (Half-Demon version)
  126. Bushwacker
  127. Cutthroat
  128. Death Adder (Roland Burroughs)
  129. Deathlok (Luther Manning)
  130. Foolkiller (Kurt Gerhardt)
  131. Razor Fist (William Scott)
  132. Shockwave
  133. Spot (a mole for Mister Negative)
  134. White Dragon II
  135. Bird-Man (Achille DiBacco)
  136. Black Abbott
  137. Centurious
  138. Clown II
  139. Enforcers
  140. Hijacker
  141. Human Cannonball
  142. Human Fly (Richard Deacon)
  143. John King
  144. Knickknack
  145. Blue Streak (Don Thompson)
  146. Cheetah
  147. Speed Demon
  148. Man-Fish
  149. Night Shift
  150. Squid
  151. Turk Barrett
  152. Turner D. Century
  153. Vermin
  154. White Rabbit
  155. Scorpio
  156. Taurus
  157. Sagittarius
  158. Virgo,
  159.  Aries
  160. Cancer
  161. Max Fury (leader)
  162. Brothers Grimm (Percy and Barton Grimes)
  163. Constrictor
  164. Crossfire
  165. Diablo
  166. Firebrand III
  167. Griffin
  168. Killer Shrike
  169. Lady Stilt-Man
  170. Lascivious
  171. Letha
  172. Princess Python II
  173. Squid (Don Callahan)
  174. Vengeance (Kowalski)
  175. Whiplash (Anton Vanko)
  176. Hood (leader)
  177. Absorbing Man
  178. Batroc the Leaper
  179. Blizzard (Donnie Gill)
  180. Chemistro (Calvin Carr)
  181. Cobra (Klaus Voorhees)
  182. Constrictor
  183. Crossbones
  184. Madame Masque
  185. Mister Hyde
  186. Nitro
  187. Sandman
  188. Titania
  189. Wizard
  190. The Wrecking Crew
  191. Abomination
  192. Baron Zemo
  193. Doctor Doom
  194. Leader
  195. Ultron
  196. Crimson Cowl (leader)
  197. Black Mamba
  198. Cardinal
  199. Cyclone (Pierre Fresson)
  200. Gypsy Moth
  201.  Thanos

But their glory has never been denied! 

 There are times when you need to bring the world to a world Earth shattering stand still! A time when the simple monsters just won't do. The above chart are the worst of the worst that the Marvel universe has to offer. 
There are repeats because often times a vile villain will plague a group over & over. There are myriad of alternative versions of various characters feel free to alter yours. There have been more times when the Avengers have mettled in affairs of a cosmic nature then,I have hair on my head. From the Krovac saga to the Infinity Gauntlet they've been to the back of beyond as well as hell. So given this fact there is every reason that they might crop up from time to time in a wide variety of campaigns. Given the history of characters like Thor or the Black Knight it wouldn't unconventional to see them appearing in a fantasy table top game as NPCs even Conan did so in a Thor What if issue.Look at this point balance or anything remotely resembling it out the window. Given the nature of Mutant Future there is every reason that a wide variety of post apocalyptic universes might be open to an Avengers visit. Villains like Radioactive Man & the various mutant menaces certainly fit the bill.Then there's Carcosa which might well be a Mythos lost world itself. Given the storyline with items like Atlantis Attacks, the Serpent Crown, & other Marvel mythos issues a visit to Carcosa is not out of question.Those heroes surviving is another story though. The fact is that the various Marvel Super Heroes modules make excellent jump off points for PCs to step head first into the storyline & replace the heroes. Thor dies, Cap goes down, etc. its happened plenty of times so why not let the players have the spotlight. Come on there have been a few times when DMs in need have used high level D&D or AD&D players as super heroes

Would You Like To Know More? 

When it comes to truly confronting evil on its own cosmic terms there's only one old school game that has a great deal of the information
 Avengers Coast to Coast

Marvel Super Heroes had a great book that went through the complete roster of heroes, vile villains, & complete Avengers nutcases
 They even did a complete update in the form of the 

Avengers Archives Box Set
Avengers Archives - The Grandmasters Log
This boxset broke all of the heroes, equipment, mansions, NPCs, etc in even more detail.

 You can find everything right over Here
And over Here

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