Saturday, October 13, 2012

1d10 Random Planar Wave Effects Table For Your Old School Space Opera

Herbert Rolf Schlegel (1889 - 1972)
"Holy Hour"

1d10 Random Planar Wave Effects Table
  1. All animals on a planetary scale increase intelligence & wisdom by 1d10 points 
  2. Humanoids above the age of 30 must make a save versus death or suffer 1d4 points of burning damage from spontaneous human combustion 
  3. Dimensional doors open across the planet allowing all manner of creatures from beyond the Great Darkness access to the plane 
  4. Magic increases by 1d4 points across the planet 
  5. The entire ferrous metal content of the planet is changed to gold! 
  6. 1d4  random psionic powers are gained by the population of across the planetary scale & further the powers are out of control unless  a save vs wands is made 
  7. The planet is sucked into a dimensional door to who knows where (Dm's choose) 
  8. Demons of Type 3 or better appear suddenly, aggressively & quickly 
  9. Zombie plague outbreak across the planet! 
  10. The whole thing passes without incident or so it seems reroll on table 1d4 minutes later! 


  1. Love it - would be a great thing to roll out just about the time when one of the players is stacking his dice and another two are chatting about something other than the game.

  2. Thanks John! Its actually something I threw together for an upcoming one shot! There's more random weirdness tables coming!


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