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1d20 Random Spell Books For Your Old School Science Fantasy Space Opera

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There are many spell books that are hand copied from one wizard to another even in the depths of space. These are copied from apprentice to master with the utmost care. These artifacts can not only be books in the traditional sense but artifacts of great arcane value. Still from time to time these artifacts come on the market, fall into the wrong hands, & are even purposely left for so called adventurers to find! The utmost care should be made when handling these types of  items. The energies contained their in are of the most dire nature. Here is a list of 1d20 such items & their type. There will be a randomly determined number of spells within their pages. Who knows what arcane & mystic secrets may be written. Finally there is a chart for determining the condition of these items. Beware my young seeker of mystic truths you might find them.

  1. Bosthot - The Shield of Truth 1d8 spells mostly dealing with the Outer Darkness & how to defend against its insidious inhabitants. Very dangerous spells of protection & vigilance. 
  2. Choatha - The Pirate's Cloak of Darkness - The tome deals with stealth technology & concealment spells 1d6 spells some illusion & some the dreaded matter of insanity as well. 
  3. Cleigggu - The Blood of Pariahs & Fools - Necromancy & Anti Cleric spells. This tome deals in matters of the dark bloodless path between the stars. 1d6 spells 
  4. Cthosthoa -Zingara's False Promise Ilusion & Clerical Spells 1d6. This spell book of ancient astronauts reveals the false hood of certain cults.  
  5. Ddhugthothib- Opener of Bloodless Ways - A Hyperspace chart book & guide to the Outer Darkness 1d4 spells 
  6. Einicha- Flower of Bliss & Ignorance -1d10 Mind Blasting Truths & Spells 
  7. Hathogua- Scotty's Guide - Direct Space Engineering spells 1d4 or The Captains Editon which contains 1d8. Red cover on the Captain's edition 
  8. Hokrlilotl - Talons of Blood & Night's Of War -1d8 combat Wizard's spells with commentary by General Chang 
  9. Keha- Secrets of Bloodless Death & Sand - Alien Warriors primer & cult guide written on the hilt of a sacred sword & commentary on the blade 
  10. Kibbhogg- The Wheel of Undying Space - Necromatic alterations & alien death cult spells 1d8. Actual Prayer Wheel edition 
  11. Miqugug - Flower of Love & Sanity - This alien treasty of mind blasting truths & weird other worldly spells summons demons from beyond the pale 1d8 spells. 
  12. Negg- The Bones of Cthulhu - An alien study of deep one space piracy & degeneration 1d4 summon spells written on human skin preserved. Also available on bone as well. 
  13. O'danyileph- The Mi Go Hextra - A computer pad of mi go spells, artifacts, & rites. 1d4 Mi Go spells. Written in the original Kilgorian, Mi Go, & Space Trade speak. 
  14. Olisaugot- Wheel of False Death -1d8 necromatic spells & the first steps to Lichdom written upon the spinal bone of a alien dragon in beholder blood. 
  15. Osaagu- The Bloody Navigator - A treasty on the alien mind charts & spatial hyper space traps of combat wizards 2 billion years dust. Can still be used to create such traps in this time space continuum. Written on the back of an alien tortuse shell. 
  16. Phauso-yudau - Wheel of the Outer Darkness & Beyond - A study in the rites & mind alterations of certain forbidden & decident alien & mythos species. 1d4 mind blasting spells & gate spells 
  17. Rhotuazan-cth - Spectre of Knowledge - A reveal of the greater truths of a higher dimensional reality. 1d4 illusion or true seeing spells also reveals the caster to certain alien entities 
  18. Shathak - Death's Laughter - A necromatic prank book upon the living. This book contains 1d4 spells which cause undeath & insanity on a planetary level. This book includes an unknown zombie plague 
  19. Thaaclh- The Farseeing Beginner - A beginner's guide to hyperspacial magics & the dangers there in 1d4 spells 
  20. Zhat- The Book of Books - This book will randomly become one of the books on this list roll 1d20 but the book only lasts 1d4 hours 

 1d8 Random Condition Table of the "Spell Book"  When Found 
  1. Finished there isn't actually any spells when found 
  2. The spell book is busted & pouring out mutational magical energies please make a mutation check 
  3. The book randomly fires one 1d4 spells off 
  4. Its safe for now! 
  5. There are 1d4 additional spells written in the margins of the book 
  6. There is an alien bounty hunter after the book tracking it through magic means  & guess who is the latest target. The book glows a random color 
  7. The book is safe & sound 
  8. The book is now sentient & hungry for your brain 
For additional spell book options please go Here

Photo: ~ Banned Books Week September 30 - October 6 ~

Ancient Indian manuscript written on palm leaf which you could probably slip into your sock, up your sleeve, or down your pant leg if the book police come around.

Then again, manuscripts are not officially books, so you're probably safe.

Learn more about Indian manuscripts here ~ http://siddhadreams.blogspot.com/2008/10/indigenous-methods-of-preserving.html
This is one of the ways that I've had wizards use "spell books" in Empire of the Petal Throne & my Post Apocalyptic Mars game

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