Friday, October 5, 2012

1d30 Random Marvel Asgardian Finds - After The Battles Are Over

1d30 Random Marvel Asgardian Finds

  1. Lock of Blond hair & +1 sword 
  2. Ice Mace frost giant sized with a dragon leather clad hilt 
  3. Piece of urn metal from armor broken in 2 places 
  4. Broken shield, mace, pieces of  Viking style armor 
  5. Eternal unmelting ice crystal sphere acts as a crystal ball. 
  6. One horned helm with very large horns. Right horn broken, golden in color. A strong sense of arrogance issues from it.. Almost dripping 
  7. Small human sized suit of armor but to wide for a human. Embossing work all over the entire suit. Strong magic or high technology 
  8. 12 broken spears only 3 are salvageable. +2 spear heads must be fixed to spears 
  9. Broken pieces of a wooden boat with weird runes across each part of the wood that you find. 
  10. Blood splattered wooden shields or wood like material. There is a lattice of circuits running around the inside edge of  these relics. 
  11. Map of Asgard, 300 hundred years out of date. Edges burnt & pitted.. 
  12. Black Hammer very plain style. Radiates evil & power from within. +2 war hammer 
  13. A set of electronic data pads covered in green slime like material. Actually runes for casting fate. One screen cracked yet it still works 
  14. Another set of runes but these are made from alien bones & painted with alien blood 
  15. A black silver glove missing three key pieces. Strong magic 
  16. A Thor Marvel comic from the 60s covered in magic marker with the words,"Its all true" on every single page 
  17. Eighteen identical Asgardian figures  of  warriors & swordsmen. Very detailed with individual faces & exacting details. Did one just wink at you? 
  18. A strange techno organic device that responses to the name "mother" Box like in shape about the size of a paperback 
  19. A rusted pitted child's sized sword very, very sharp & dangerous looking 
  20. A glowing golden torc that seems to whisper & sing to itself & its owner.
  21. Apple golden in color & made of metal. A metal worm crawls in & out of the thing. 
  22. A strange armored glove twice as big as a man's hand. Very cold to the touch & seemly alien in appearance 
  23. A set of arrow head made from ice & snow. There seems to be a darkness to these things that radiates out of the corner of your eye. 
  24. "Puny god" tee shirt green in color  extra large size. Actually armor class 4 armor tee 
  25. A piece of glowing stone like material rain bow in color. Heavy material & nigh indestructible 
  26. Ruined chain mail bikini. The owner was well endowed. Magical in nature 
  27. "I love Loki" fan club button from the 60s 
  28. Crooked walking can very old & almost fossilized 
  29.  Black Mace ancient  & pitted with age. Some of the flanges have been broken. The head is covered with bright green rust. 
  30. A living raven in an iron cage. The bird has a very strange look in its eye. Does not need to eat or be bothered in any way. Just stares menacingly. Occasionally croaks & almost talks to itself. Almost. 

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