Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blood Sucking Toa'ra - A Monster For Your Old School Space Opera For Monstrous Monday

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Blood Sucking Toa'ra
Type: Other
Armor Class:5(14)
Hit Dice:4+4 
Attacks: 2 claws (1d3),Bite (1d4)
Saving Throw :13 
Special : Weapons do half damage due to partial physical being, magical +1 to hit or better, shadow walk
Move: 9/15 
Challenge Level/XP:6/400 
These monsters occur in the most ancient realms of space & the left over places where ancient races once dwelt & ruled. There are those who believe that these monsters are the physical dreams of mad demonic rulers who are trapped beyond the Outer Darkness. Only their thoughts & dreams can plague the local space time continuum. These monsters may be the result of such things according to legend.
Many times a ship will come out of hyperspace infected with these monstrously evil demonic creatures. They will hide in shadows for 1d4 hours striking only when the moment is right. They will telepathically assault a victim with vile dreams of an almost vile & depraved sexual nature. The victim must make a save vs wands or be at a -3 on all physical characteristics for the entire game.
 Even worse the Lovecraftian beast will feed on the blood of its victim for 1d4 points of damage. The victim will held under the sway of  dreams of a violation of the purest form. Should the demonic little bastard be disturbed it will lash out with two powerful claws for 1d3 points of razor sharp damage.
The monsters are partially physical & partially something from beyond the ken of mankind itself. Only highly advanced psionic weaponry or carefully created magical blades of exceptional enchantment have a chance of damaging these hellish things from beyond the stars.
They may move silently in the shadows & only a wisdom check will reveal their sinister eyes glowing in the darkness as they edge along in the small shadows. Energy weapons along the 12th power strata of infrared energy will damage or even vaporize these beasts. There is a 20 % of any wound caused by them of becoming seriously infected with parasitic worms or worse. If contact is had with these monsters seek professional help immediately.
 Many times these monsters will infest space hulks & the like in hyperspace . They must be cleansed room by room lest they comeback again to deal harshly with victims. Adventurers are they're favorite prey & they have been known to play pranks of a most vile nature. 


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