Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster Monday - The Egu'krakelh Gut Worms

The Egu'krakelh Gut Worms 
Type: Other 
Armor Class:8
Hit dice:2
Attacks:  Strike (1d8), Acid spray 1d4
Saving Throw :16 
Special: Parasitic infection 
Challenge Level/XP:2/30 

From across the universe are drifting hulks of space craft that have found their way into places beyond the human pale. These craft can be lost for centuries of real time but the time distortion effects vary this widely. Between the spaces of Outer Dimensional darkness are things that hunger. 
Things such as The Egu'krakelh Gut Worms which infect food & medical supplies of this ships The greater hive mind of the creatures targets food stuffs & medical supplies blending in with them. Those who have contact with the infected medicine or supplies may get a wisdom or intelligence check to detect the egg sheaths of the worm . A save vs poison must be made to expel the pill sized egg sheath. The gut worm grows to full two foot long size within 1d4 rounds unless major surgery is preformed upon the victim. 
The worm bursts forth from the victim spraying guts & organs everywhere. The worm may 50% of the time spray a caustic defense acid everywhere insuring its escape to reproduce & infect others. 
Energy weapons can easily destroy the worms but they are fast & very flexible able to move through tubing, pipes, & ventilation shafts. 
It is assumed that the creatures are some form of ancient bio-weapon left behind in the spaces of  Outer Darkness. Magics such as Cure Light Wounds, & the like will neutralization the monstrous egg cases of these almost demonic things. Extensive psychic healing may also kill or eliminate any psychic or parasitic residue left by these creatures. 
They do have a 30 credit value to certain esoteric & forbidden cults who use the monsters in a mutational or deviant manner. 
The egg sheaths of these monsters can exist & still be active after several thousand years. They may exist in a moist or desert atmosphere with ease. With a desert planet all that is needed to activate them is a bit of moisture such as water, bile, or blood. 

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