Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monster Monday - The Erare - The Gutter Deaths A Monster For Your Old School Space Opera

Valere Bernard'' la Mort Allaitant une Chauve Souris'' (1897)

The Erare - The Gutter Deaths 

Type :Other
Number Appearing :1d4 per world 
Armor Class: 6 
Hit points: 4 
Damage : By Weapon or Claw 1d4 per hit 
Specials: Accompanied by giant Intelligent  alien bat creatures able to teleport without error
Only hit by magical or psychic weaponry 
Save: 3
Move:12 ground/12 fly
Challenge Level/XP : 15/2,900
 These planar creatures are the remains of a long vanished alien civilization that now wander the intergalactic byways of the universe. They are drawn to the most dire moments of a planet's history or often when a meta plague is about to break out across a star system. These awful creatures come to sup on the spirits of  the  dead & spread misery across universe.
They are pathetic creatures accompanied by 1d6 giant bat like alien things that collect around them telling them of their next victims.They travel with them in a weird symbiotic relationship. 
The monsters are greedy eats & will hover around areas of particularly hot activities of disease & death waiting for the next victim to fall. Just to feed on the spiritual remains. 
The appearance of these monsters is always accompanied by the sound of tinkling bells. The sound simply seems to float on the wind. 
These miserable creatures move from world to world & are often worshiped in the lowest strata of the intergalactic underworld. The promise freedom from poverty, misery, & disease. For a time they do fulfill their promise. They often bring with them "treasure" from the worlds that come from. Some valuables or baubles taken from  here or there. These things are cursed with the death energies of their former owners & bring nothing but pain & grief with them. These items will either have a disease or a psychic residue that  will taint whatever it comes in contact with. Saving throws must be taken whenever coming in contact with these items. 
Those soul energies that they feed upon will be reduced to moth like creatures. These are sometimes stored in bell jar like devices that are hung at the sides of these monsters. There will be 1d8 random souls within these traps. Breaking the devices will free the soul. Once they have fed from a world these things will take flight into the solar winds once more to plunge from world to world. Locusts of death moving across the intergalactic gulfs
The monsters may be rebuked by clerics or psychics who possess the gifts of healing.
These bastards may be banished by the planar energies of healing which will cause a psychic synaptic reaction within their bodies. This will do 1d4 points of damage each time such practices are used. They may be driven off for a time this way.

The Crearea - The Flying Jackals of Death

Type : Monstrous Hybrid
Armor Class:7 (12)
Hit Dice: 2-3 

Attacks : Bite (1d10) 
Saving Throw:13 
Special:  Major Disease Carrier
Move: 4/18 (when flying) 
Challenge Level/XP 5/240 
These hateful humanoid alien hybrid beings always accompany their masters plunging from world to world to feed upon the healthy & living. They carry the most hateful diseases & there is a 50% of them carrying such nasty & alien diseases! Many worlds have a 400 credit bounty upon them. Red Death, zombie plague, necrophagic reaction syndrome, are only a few of the things that these monsters carry.
Those who have truck with these wretched things are often taken burned lynch mob style if found out. Yet time & again these monsters are found within the company of one or another cult. A special variation of the Summon Monster spell or the Call Creature From Beyond psychic power may be used to call these horrid things from beyond the pales of space & time. Do so at your own peril!


  1. Thanks to Tim B. & the awesome Other Side Blog for running Monster Monday. For some reason blogger was n't taking my monster! There was something funny happening. Oh well better late then never! These are my babies. Enjoy

  2. The illustration you used for the Erare is great stuff...and the monster is wicked bad news indeed. Their servants are also quite nasty. Great stuff!

  3. Thanks Garrisonjames! Glad you enjoyed this one I had a blast making it errmm them! There is more stuff coming up tomorrow!


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