Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Play Metamorphosis Alpha !?

 Metamorphosis Alpha
This is a reprint of the original game that came out in 1976. The precursor to that other original post apocalypse rpg that TSR came out with. This reprinted version of the game is by the original author & the copyright is his. The game offers everything the original did & cross comparable with most of the retro clones out there.
The game is available right Here
Why Should You Play This? 
  1. The game is cross compatible with original D&D as well as most retroclones 
  2. The game is a dungeon crawl in space & a great way to introduce folks to table top rpgs & its family friendly 
  3. There are numerous bits of support out there for it & its easily plot flexible. Support available Here
  4. This game is easily adaptable for other science fantasy rpgs. I've used it with Empire Of The Petal Thrones to simulate bits & pieces of the Human Empire 
  5. Campaigns can last as long as you want from a simple 1 shot evening adventure to a 9 month dungeon crawl 
  6. The Warden offers endless possibilities for the disaster that befell & can easily adapt to a dungeon master's needs. 
  7. There's no reason to get attached to your characters here. This is a grab the dice, grab some friends, & go game. 
  8. With a little work this could easily  be used with Mutant Future for much longer game play & the monsters are cross compatible. This could also easily work with Swords & Wizardry. 
  9. Everything you need for the game is right there in front of you! There's additional adventures sure but you can just go with what you need. 
  10. At $15.00 this is a great value & possibly the best I've seen this week as far as replay value goes. 
Got my copy on the way! 


  1. This blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Almost every post is something of interest to me!

    And, on subject, I think I'll have to pick this up. I have the original, but I've always been afraid to take it out of the bag. Silly, I know.

  2. Well you know I will without a doubt. Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride I call a blog! Stay tuned there's lots more coming up! Thanks for the comment! There will be more to come!

  3. This is good news. I'm gonna have to pick this up. And Robert's right--You've got a great blog. :)

  4. Thanks very Trey, still getting on my feet with this blog. There's more original content coming in the morning. I like to mix things up a bit though. Stay tune there's more to come Trey!Thanks again.


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