Monday, January 16, 2012

Phasic Nightmare Beast For Terminal Space

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 6+
Attacks: 3
Damage: 1d6 Tentacled Attack, Constitution Drain 1d6 points per round, 
Save: F6
Morale: 10

These beasts show characteristics of both plant, animal, & other entities.These menaces exist in a state of timeless horror stalking between this time space continuum & others. They hunt the angles of the Outer Darkness for those whom they can murder & prey upon. They peer into the material universe lusting after the unknown qualities of life itself. 
These beasts can exist within the hard vacuum of space by using photosynthesis & energy absorbing powers to generate the necessary phasic energy which keeps them functioning in a trance like state until they find prey.  
They attack by phasing their tentacles into the local time space zapping their prey with phasic energy, then a constitution drain, followed by the absorbing of skills, knowledge, & even spells one bit at a time. All of this takes place within one round. 
All attacks do 1/2 damage because they exist outside space & time floating in a dreamless deathlike state of consciousness. They telekinetically swim through this medium & move only when they need to except when hunting. 
If they slay a creature they will absorb all knowledge, skills, & even magical spells. This knowledge will fade after 1d20 hours during that time they may repeatedly cast all spells that a wizard had. Their alien brains slipping through the chaotic stuff of magic much more easily then a human mind. 
These monsters bare an alien intelligence that far exceeds the human mind in memory & consciousness. Those who engage in telepathic contact must roll save versus poison or pass out from the influx of alien insanity which will invade their brains! 
Once per week they may gate in another of their kind with a 50% of being successful. They are loath to do this however as they will end up having to share prey with their benefactor.
These alien horrors may be encountered anywhere & have been reported around brown dwarf stars from time to time
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