Monday, January 23, 2012

Space Junk Random Lovecraftian Finds - For Your Old School Space Opera Rpg

Space Junk Random Lovecraftian Finds 1d10

  1. Deep ones cruiser hull with strange glyph on the outside hull. There is little left except 4 lines of sanity blasting poetry dedicated to Father Dagon, Mother Hydra, & Cthulhu. 140 credit salvage value  
  2. Eldar Thing Spore Ship - This incredible find contains 20 tons of alien elder thing spores. This has a value of 200 credits & a strange chanting can be heard by those with psychic powers. There is a 50% of a proto shaggoth guardian aboard. 
  3. Flying Polyp Weapons Cage - This strange looking crystalline cage of glass, steel, & strange crystals is leaking toxic goo internally. 1d4 points of  space armor eroding damage. 30 credits to the right buyer. Exposure for more then three rounds results in mutations unless a save versus poison is made.
  4. The Saucer From Leng - This wrecked fly saucer is completely gutted. There are 5 sleeper pods still aboard. They've been blown except for one which contains a still living operative of  Leng. This 4 hit being is worth 300 credits bounty & the ship another 200. He will try contacting his masters asap.  
  5. Deep one Suite - An odd watery filled chamber filled with strange buttons, broken bits, & a dead deep one corpse. The metal cylinder is 9 foot long with wires trailing behind it. Salvage is 70 credits 
  6.  Moonbeast sarcophagus- A moonbeast in stasis resides with, the casket is a living entity itself & guards its charge. Able to cast shocking grasp against anyone who seeks to harm those within. The thing whispers blasphemous secrets to those within ear shot. A saving throw verus poison is required or the venomous thoughts of this thing will drip into the ears of the listener. -1 wisdom or intelligence per exposure.  It only does this when alone with it victim. 200 credits to the right dealer. 
  7. Mi Go Energy Cages & Sleeper pods - These strange looking bio mechanical night mares each hold 3 point warriors. 20 credits. 
  8. Flying polyp energy orb with wizard eye spell 120. This strange grey green orb will show a 20 mile alien view around it. Those who look through it risk their sanity. Unless a saving throw is made the user loses 1 wisdom point every day the item is used. 
  9. 600 small 2 inch metallic balls each inscribed with the name of a demon of the Outer Darkness. There is a 40% of the entity noticing each time a ball is held. They shall take the user! 
  10. 3 Deep One Spell Blocks ~200 credits~ Each one a Summon Demon Type Three Spell. The spell activates when it is read. There is however no binding enchantment present. 


  1. Needles, you have been on FIRE recently! Great series of posts you're been postin'! Keep up the great work!

  2. Very cool. This makes a wonderful complement to the Black Seas of Infinity table. I especially like 4. --that could be the seed of a fun scenario in its own right!

  3. Sniderman thanks very very much! There will be much more ahead. So staytuned!

    GJ As you know I riffed off of your great stuff man. I agree though & thanks ever so much! There will much more to come!

  4. You're doing really fun stuff. The TG is nearly ready.

  5. I'll be doing another 10 spells for Terminal Space in the morning if you want to include those. Thanks for the comment & we'll be getting more up very soon! Stay Tuned!


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