Monday, January 23, 2012

The Osttha-rutlei -Those Who Wait

         The Osttha-rutlei -Those Who Wait 

No. Enc.: 1 or 1d4 

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 10' (3')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 8+
Attacks: 3 blows followed by acid very quickly 
Damage: 3d4 acid spray or see below
Save: MU10
Morale: 9

Those Who Wait are appear as ladies of the evening, cut purses, tramps & worse. These creatures bare some mysterious relation to both doppelgangers & gelatinous cubes. They have been written about in such tomes of infamy as Marvels of Science, the Fielders Guide To Horrors & Other Things, & of course The Galactic Concordance of  Strange Things & Their Prey. 
 The Osttha-rutlei are intelligent after a fashion & can make lite conversation with their targets. They are slightly telepathic reading intent, small surface thoughts, & putting the target at easy. They target both human & near human sexes with style & a certain blasphemous grace. 
How & Where They Operate
Those who wait move with certain social circles & strata among galactic civilization. They appear mostly in inns, brothels,space ports,etc. They choose their target with little regard for type or weight but sometimes for fortune & business. 
Once the chosen target settles down for copulation the monster strikes. The target finds itself in  a state of paralyses unless a save versus poison is rolled. The target receives a face full of poisoned stings the following round. These do no damage but secure the target to the Osttha-rutlei. 

The creature will assume its true form of a 110 pound mound of acidic gelatin. This one celled organism mimics appearances roughly after 1d3 rounds. The creature will slowly absorb its prey & then change shape often from a catalog of shapes from the prey's mind. 
After Process  
The Osttha-rutlei will after 2 weeks of "feeding" change its operating habits becoming a spy, assassin, etc par excellence. These mysterious assassins will seek out employment with a number of organizations. The creature will do its work & seemly move on. 
Not so the creature will seek out the nearest mega dungeon like structure & make itself at home. The creature will hunt down the nearest gelatinous cube. The Osttha-rutlei will then cause a massive genetic change within the creature. They need the monster for reproduction. The humanoids who have been killed are stripped of all neural structures & brought within the cube. The Osttha-rutlei adds spores from within its gut & begins cloning its body structure & cloning neuron ganglia of the prey it has killed. Within 1d3 weeks several fully grown Osttha-rutlei will emerge. The cubes will return to normal & the Osttha-rutlei will resume their business & lives .
There is speculation that these unholy creatures were created during the War of The Elder Things millions of years ago. They have been known to be found within the burned out halls & cities of an alternative Martian world leading to theories that they are the handy work of long dead Martian species relatively unknown to galactic science.
These monsters may be found anywhere & travel light moving from place to place & never staying long. They often change the sex as well as appearance to throw hunters off of the scent. 


  1. A short documentary vid on these creatures is probably used to warn interstellar soldiers against the dangers of prostitutes. ;)

  2. After which I believe the director was rendered down for spare parts by the monsters. I'm glad your enjoying these guys. I was thinking of using these for one of those space bar encounters tables we've seen before. Still wouldn't mind putting together a pdf. Thanks for the comment & there will be more!


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