Friday, January 6, 2012

Miq'kegtharat Station - A Location Encounter For An Old School Space Opera

Miq'kegtharat Station was supposed to be the crowned jewel in Eteled's empire but instead ran over 50 trillion credits. Sitting at coordinates VP4MX5M by 6LJOR4V  the station sat half finished & half used until a scavenger concern took it over 200 years ago from galactic standard time.
Times have changed. This station sits opposed to a galactic gateway.
A singularity gateway created by an unknown race over 2 billion years ago. Who created it? Take your pick of the space god races, Krell, Atlan, the gaseous cosmic clouds themselves? The list of speculation is endless.
What it does isn't 

Any psychic is able with their mind & a level 2 discipline is able to reach into the Twisting Ripple Gateway & summon the gate. 
This ripple exists in time as well as space. 
The Ripplee gate is set up within a stable non space & supported by four stable wormholes at micro plane intervals. This non space time can send the user anywhere within a thousand alternative universes with a single ship. Getting back is easy as long as the dimensional pin prick remains stable.
Random Singularity Gate Way Distances & Alternative Universes Table 1d10 
  1. The Elemental Planes shields will be taking 1d4 elemental damage per turn. 
  2. Alternative universe very young. No life at all yet but rich stellar mining opportunities 
  3. Dead universe type 24 intelligence. Willing to talk for conversation & stimulation. Relics may be found 
  4. Universe of energy beings unable to communicate & may damage shields at 1d4 points of damage 
  5. Antimatter universe  save versus death.. Now! 
  6. Astral Minds have seized your ship & you appear to pose a danger to the greater universal hold. They are willing to trade information for an assignment they have for your party 
  7. Fey universe - Settled worlds & open to trade. Politics abound 
  8. Shifting Minds of  Talos - These beings are the totality of their universes & will be willing to trade psychic artifacts for stimuli 
  9. Astral Stalker Pirates ! Battle Stations! 
  10. Another version of your party is looking for adventure & has found you 
File:De Apparatspott.jpg

All ships must carry the Farkus Planar Drive System which can be rented at the station itself for 300 credits per light year. 

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