Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Path of Psychic Power: Fire of Unknown Origin - For Your Old School Space Opera

Path of Psychic Power: Fire of Unknown Origin

This path is taught by a strange group of drug addled stellar elven monks living out on the outer fringes of the universe where the various planes of the dimensions grind against one another. Asked where they learned it, they will only mumble something about being veterans of a 1,000 psychic wars.
Those who pursue this path risk their very souls drowning within intergalactic damnation & burned from within to feed the spirits of those who have come before them.
 Take The Fire Within  Level 1- The user becomes possessed by a spirit of stellar fire after entering a trance induced from the sacred weeds found around the dead stars at the edge of the universe. +1 to all characteristics & gain +3  against all mind reading & controlling effects when this power is used. The user gains infravision as their eyes crackle with the weird power within. 
Skein of the Scared Flame Level 2- The spirit of the flame forms a symbiotic relationship with the user. The user can now generate a 1d4 fire ball 4 times per day. The user gains telepathy at this level & begins to form the flames of the mind within. 
Sight Beyond The Fire Level 3 - The user's eyes crackle with hellish star fire each times this power is used. They can see the strange flames that circle other worlds & peer into the astral each time this power is used. They may see the invisible each time its used. They may once per day use the flames to burn away spiritual & physical imperfections in the form of cure light wounds. 
Heart Of The Combusted Level 4  - The stellar fire elemental within can now release a a flaming flash of light that never warms for 1d4 points of damage to all within a 20' radius. The user's skin crackles with the energy for 1d3 rounds after doing the same damage to those exposed to them in melee. 
Form of the Stellar Beast Level 5- Once Per day the user becomes the monster at the heart of star of damnation. He becomes a swirling vortex & maelstrom of stellar violence & wrath! + 2 to all characteristics as he walks the path of a demon! He becomes immune to all normal fires & dragon fire does half damage. He regenerates 40% of the time when exposed to normal flame as his body uses the flame to heal itself 2 hit points per round. The user must make a successful saving throw not to stay within this form & go to join the others who await him now in the hells beyond the dead stars. 
Feed The Fire Level 6 - The user controls his body & allows bits & pieces to be converted into stellar flame. Gain +2 to all characteristics but the stellar flame takes a bit of him each time this is used. Take 2 points of damage this power is used. The user must make a saving throw or assume the Form of  the Stellar Beast! Every 4 times this power is used the user will hear the call of those who have gone before him & he will want to join them! 

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