Friday, January 6, 2012

Path of The Morlock - A Psychic Path Of Evolution & Cannibalism

Path of The Morlock - A Psychic Path Of  Evolution  &  Cannibalism 

There are those who wish have ascend from human's state of being.Those step onto this psychic road are entering a world of strange alternative futures & the damnation of the human race. This road is far to twisted & wines in places that have been forgotten even by the sane.
The psychic gathers the ritual tools& drugs of the Morlock. These can be gotten from any space terminal where the Morlock are employed. They will charge a token price of 30 credits for the items & acolyte will be warned of the harshness of the path they will undertake.
Half Morlocks may under go this path at any age. See Here
The psychic will begin over a 40 day & night period. Changes will be subtle until all at once the person will no longer even remotely human at all.
Walk Down The Path of Memory Ascending Level 1 - The user takes a dose of blue fungus found within the glowing hellish light of the Morlock caverns. The user over a period of 1d6 days will add +1 to their strength, +2 to intelligence, & +1 to their dexterity. They will not be able to use normal psychic disciplines as the whispers of  "honored ones" show them the forbidden visions & hellish sights of the race. It is far too late to turn back now & only a saving throw will make someone turn from this path. Even if they succeed they may return to this again in 1d20 days. They may go berserk in combat as the blood,thunder, & anger overwhelm the morlock within. 
The Eyes of The Predator Level 2 - The User trips along his future evolutionary path & gains the abilities infravision, +2 to all technology based rolls & +1 to all listen rolls. All rolls within full daylight are at -2 though. The user may telepathically hear morlock conversations within 20" of him. 
Feast of Flesh Level 3 - User gains the ability to find traps & hidden doors. The user can also track others by pheromones as well. The user also gains the following physical mutations - large eyes and grey fur covering their bodies.They will  have little or no melanin to protect their skin, and so have become extremely sensitive to light. The user can actually taste the intensity to light now. On a percentage roll of 20% they may know what type of light & wavelength for example magically light, natural, sunlight, etc. It is here that there will begin a craving for human flesh. A saving throw must be made to avoid wanting, needing, to consume it! 
Altered States Level 4 - The user gains access to the full racial memories of the morlocks! He may telepathically communicate with any morlocks within a 200" radius of him. The user will also gain sharp fangs & all bit damage is +1. He may build & recognize morlock technology as well. He can begin construction of morlock technology as long as he access to a iron age or better workshop. 
Walk of Death Level 5  - The user gains +1 on all sneaking,climbing, & stealth related rolls. The user grows the hard nail claws of a morlock as well. These will not hinder tool using activities but give the user +1 on all damage in hand to hand combat. He also gains the ability to charm human & near human as per the spell. His mind can now access the future animal side as new pathways of the brain form. He may communicate with the other morlock telepathically over distances 3 miles & enter a spider like trace in loo of sleeping. This trace will last 3 hours & give the effects of a full night's sleep. 
Become The Other  Level 6 - The transformation is almost complete. The user's body becomes covered with a fine coat of hairs & joints become spider like. The user gains +1 on all dexterity based rolls. He must feed on 1d3 pounds of humanoid flesh once a day. The user may access the blood memories of his prey & read the surface thoughts of them. He will have access to 1d4 hours of memories & be able telepathically send these to fellow morlocks within a 3 mile radius. The morlock may enter a berserk state once per day if engaged with combat.  

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