Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ten New Spells For Terminal Space

  1. Memories Of The Ancient Astronauts 1st Level Magic user Spell - The wizard is able to hear the ancient secrets of the ages from those who have come before.. This will only work if the place has been visited by explorers in the past. The player is given the memories & visions of those who have come before him. Lasts 1d4 turns 
  2. Dr. Basilton's Horrific Visions 2nd Level Magic User Spell - This spell will cause everyone within a 20' foot radius to make a saving throw versus wands or suffer from the most horrific visions of themselves & their surroundings. The victim will be subject to fear for 1d6 rounds! 
  3. Bolt of the Vacuum 2nd level Magic User Spell -  The mage strikes the target with a bolt cold from outer space itself dealing 1d4 points of damage. The wounds are horrific & will not heal correctly! 
  4. The Tentacle of The Outer Darkness 2nd level Cleric Spell - Cleric summons a monstrous appendage from beyond! This massive tentacle can not manifest entirely within our feeble dimensional space time. This creation features 1800 strength & will  rip through anything to get the delicate flesh of human & near human kind! This warped spell is loathed by clerics of all stripes for it calls on forces from beyond the realms of the gods themselves! 
  5. The Word Of The Law 2nd level Cleric Spell - The cleric is able for a moment to pull down the structure of  the heavens themselves . Any spells around him will be disrupted for 1d3 rounds. The spell will drain 1 point of strength while its in operation unless the mage makes a saving throw.  
  6. Space Time Rip 4th level Magic User Spell - The mage causes his mind to ripple through the most dangerous angles in space & time to rip a hole within the fabric of the universe itself! The mage takes 1d3 points of damage as a space time warp opens around him sucking in anything into a dimensional limbo where those lost shall never return!  A dangerous & forbidden spell. 
  7. Summon Lesser Krell Thought Monster 3rd level Magic User/ 4th level Cleric spell - This spell is only learnable within the ruins of the ancient space god's alien ruins known to the  Krell. This spells summons a lesser thought monster. It has 3 hit points, the creature will do 1d4 points of damage to all within reach, it is subject to berserk states every 2 rounds. This rough outline of something can be dismissed with a large enough burst of electrical energy! 
  8. Summon The Ancient Dead Astronauts 3rd Level  Magic User Spell - This spell summons 1d3 specters of an ancient alien astronaut race. These spirits may be directed. But it will  never be controlled at all. The caster summons them & then must make a charisma roll to keep them from eating him. They will 'serve'  the caster for 1d4 rounds & then depart. 
  9. Servant of Forever After 6th level Clerical Spell - This spell summons the servant of forever after. The spirit will give the cleric insight into the alternative universe versions of his target.   This spell is often used when a person's time line has been damaged by the meddling of time travelers. This spell will give access to the servant who will give the cleric the time & place where the damage has been done & may be undone. The cleric may heal the targets time line & set things right with the help of the servant. Who will take them on a guided tour of the target of this spell's past, present, & future.This spell must be used only once every 3 months or their is a 20 % of the cleric polluting their own timeline. A very dangerous spell 
  10. Instant Hyper Space Jump 4th level Magic User Spell - The caster is able to make an instantaneous jump through hyperspace to their destination. The traveler will move 1d100 light years. There is a 20% chance of ending up within the Outer Darkness where the old ones wait to feast on the soul of the caster forever. 

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