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The Unbaptized - An Optional Character Class For Your Favorite Old School Space Opera

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The Unbaptized 
There are times when even the most "evil" minds & hearts must turn away. Those who serve the darkness must return to the road of humanity. They have gazed into the abyssal stare of their dark gods & have been found wanting. 
Those who turn their backs on their former masters are waging a futile war at best. They will never again be trusted by their own friends, family, community, even their former religions.  The Unbaptized have been found wanting at best & are hunted relentlessly at worst. These beings are few & far between. They advance as fighters & have none of the spell casting abilities that they did in the service to their former heathen masters. 
Some of the guidelines for playing The Unbaptized : -1 on Charisma as no one will trust them & they will bear the marks of their former master's service, Hunted 3 times per week by the minions of their former masters, +1 Strength & Dexterity for fighting for their lives at every turn, May use any magic item without penalty because of the easy flow of magic, Identify any ritual, rites, & magic associated from their former masters, & 1/2 the normal life span of a person of their age. The candle that burns brightest burns fastest especially without the hand of their forbidden master.
Animals & All riding animals are at a -1 charisma roll unless a saving throw by the Unbaptized is made for each encounter 
The Path of The Civilized  represents circumstances that lead back to being almost entirely human. There are some former scars & signs that give your nature away.
Path Of The Civilized Table 1d10 
  1. Your skin retains an odd pattern in patches in certain places. They patches are odd & some times you stroke them unconsciously. 
  2. The little pleasures small things bring you great joy - the ability to smoke, enjoy a fire, or a sunrise. Others will notice however 
  3. Eyes of The Damned - You've seen too much & those who look into your eyes for 1d3 rounds will have an odd sense that something's a bit off with you 
  4. You retain the piercings & ritual scars of your former service those seeing it are at a -1 on your charisma rolls. Those aren't normal at all. The material their made of gleams unnaturally. 
  5. You laugh at inappropriate times & sometimes whisper to yourself unnerving others. You do have a good heart though. 
  6. The smile of a child, sunshine, etc. all of the positive things bring you great joy & comfort. There may be hope for you yet 
  7. Tragedy & Sorrow - Your life is filled with these & yet you can draw strength instead of  negativity 
  8. The Night Is My World - Day time isn't your thing but still your back to being human. Your eyes are adjusted to the night. +1 when operating at night & in darkness. Your eyes are cat like & -1 on all day light missions. You must wear smoked lens much of the time. 
  9. Fight back To The Human. - You are superficially a human being but internally your a mess. Each day you must make a saving throw & act as you once did. If you fail you may fall into crying jags, & depression. You may roll again in 2 turns. The road of healing has started 
  10. Support of The Loved One - There is someone who believes in you & will support you no matter what you are going through. At the end of 3 adventures gain +1 on your wisdom score. 
The Unbaptized have a magic item that they received in the service to their dark masters. This item will depend on who your former master was please consult the table below.
Cosmic Shive Table 1d6+1  Random Item 
  1. Cthulhu - +1 bone of a deep one knife. Gleams greenly with the light of its god. 
  2. Hastur - +2 sword wrapped with b'yakhee claw. Crackles  with strange energy in moon light 
  3. Azthoth - +1 energy rod gives of a ruby light that does 1d6 points of damage & a 40" range 
  4. Nylarthotep- Energy Disk -1d4 damage 30" range  parts of a shantak are in the disk 
  5. I'thaqua - Staff Of The Snows - +1 staff & freezes everything it touches 
  6. Cthugah Flame Knife +1 Flaming Dagger 
  7. Leviathan - The Chains of Leviathan +2 Hook & 20"chain 

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