Thursday, January 26, 2012

In The Martian Wastes - Actual Play

In The Martian Waste Lands
The party consists of  the following:
A bard of half human/half gnome descent 6th level
A fighter also of 6th level 
A dwarven cleric 

The party has been transported to the Martian Wastes & bam they are running in all directs as a Martian scout walker scatters them. The group gets separated tonight & following a quick couple of turns including getting turned around the bard finally finds his way into an underground base of some type.
The bard carefully made his way down into a strange air vent, tunnel arrangement & then got really turned around as a series of  blasts of cool air blew him all over the place almost into a spinning fan. A Dexterity roll later he was popped out onto a floor. After nearly being trampled to death he made his way to a hall way as groups of strange red people stumbled through the halls.
A series of strange explosions later he found himself in a hanger as strange air ships left the buildings.
The rest of party were sighted by a group of air ships that came streaking over the skyline. They were picked up & made to get down as a riot of weird cannon fire like explosions lit up the sky.
 The tripods moved in & began their assault as the flyers engaged them!

Dexterity rolls & lots of dice panic later the cleric gets press ganged into healing some of the wounded. The flyers took a beating & the mercenary forces were forced to retreat!
The tripods collected a few red martians & then moved off in the direction of the pueblo city. The whole base under the city was a hive of activity & the bard got cornered by a gnome technician. After some quick talking & a few grim guards the bard was handed over the techie.
The tripods moved off for the night & were seen moving off toward the mountains.
The flyers needed desperate repairs though & stopped off in one of the ruined cities that dot the landscape.
Guards were posted & the flyers camouflaged themselves with netting on the dried up harbor of the ruins. The PCs were given an offer of work aboard the flyers defending a red man pueblo city. The players were interested in perhaps exploring the ruins of the city around them but warned against it until morning.
 Who knows what lurks in the city? Here's a sample of the strange encounters that lay there!
Random Martian Ruined City Encounters 
  1. Demon Crabs (Giant Crabs) 
  2. Damned Soldiers (3 hit points with hover tank 1d6)
  3. Neanderthal Red Martians (3 hit points, bows & arrows 1d8) 
  4. Thark War party (1d8 4 hit points, radium rifles, swords ) 
  5. Overlord Droids (1d4, 4 hit points, heat rays 1d3 damage)
  6. Sand Rays (1d4 3 hit points Mutated)
  7. City Dweller Wraiths 1d4 
  8. 1d3 Ghosts Red Martians 
  9. 1d4 White Apes (4 hit points, 1 mutant: mental mutations)  
  10. 1d8 Floating Death Orbs (3 hit points, Freeze Ray, Sonic Disrupter field) 
After running away from the city after securing water, supplies, & having an encounter with the white apes! The party including 2 npcs ran for their lives! They flew east for 1 hour.
They sighted the valley of the red martians

The party was reunited & now has a safe base to conduct some recon of their area. 
The game will have to be moved to Friday nights for the rest of my players to join us. The players enjoyed the first game & I managed to pack lots into the first night. 

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