Monday, January 2, 2012

Disciplines of The Orang Minyak - Slippery Oily Psychic Path

Before the fires of the Atomic Wars on Old Earth the path of the Orang Minyak was developed. The name  literally means oily man. According to legend the orang minyak was a man who was cursed in an attempt to win back his love with magic. The reality is far worse & far more sinister. Orang Minyak is a psychic  who uses ancient twisted rites who gives his soul over to a type of rare planar demon. This demon demands a sacrifice of the humanity of the psychic. The user is possessed by the demon who modifies the fool's body to produce the tar like liquid.This stuff comes from the gelled evil & cast off negativity of  the psychic. The stuff comes from within the pores of the user.As well from outside of the body which draws the negativity within. 
The oily coating itself offers several advantages. The first is that the monster can,"Hide in shadows as a thief". The second is that all attempts to catch the creature are at a -1 to -2 depending on the character's actions.Due to the use of naturally occurring black grease, it makes the orang minyak hard to catch, as pursuers would not be able to hold on to him.

Orang Minyak
Armor Class:4(15)
Hit Dice 6+3 
Special: Regenerates 
The final form of these horrors is an oil covered horror beyond the ken of man. These creatures are able to spit oil every other round for 1d6 points of damage up to 20". These horrors can regenerate 3 hit points per round. Even the slicing of limbs & the beheading will regenerate. Grappling or Dex rolls for hand to hand combat are at -2. These things can hide in shadows as a theft. In order to maintain their abilities these horrors must fulfill certain parts of their demonic bargains.  The orang minyak worship his planar demon master and rape 40 virgins within a week of inception of these powers. The orang minyak has access to 1 to 2 first level magic user spells as well. 

 Turn To The Blackness Level 1 - The psychic is able to convert flesh to the black tarry mess that is his body. He becomes resistant to all normal bladed weapons.

Engulf The Prey Level 2 - The creature stretches his oily tissue around the prey with a successful dex check. Those engulfed takes 1d3 points of damage per round. With a successful intelligence check the monster has access to the surface memories of the prey. 
Bile of Black Vileness Level 3 - The monster spits out a series of bio-acidic missiles.The acidic missiles are hurled  every other round for 1d6 points of damage up to 20". These will ruin any clothing,paper products, etc they hit. Magic items gain a save.
Inky Memory Level 4 - The monster's traumatic nightmarish presence is erased from the victim's mind as the monster extends psychic oily tentacles into the forehead of the victim. The creature's presence becomes a strange swirling nightmare of insanity. 
Ascension of Disoluation Level 5 - The user becomes a nightmare of swirling black rainbow liquid immune to all physical attacks. He is able to flow under doors, through pipes, etc. A successful saving throw must be made to return to a humanoid form & another to return to a human form. 
The Black Vile Monster Level 6 - The monster becomes his ultimate form of the Orang Minyak spirit. He is able to access the collective memories of all other Orang Minyak. The life force of the monster is entirely inhuman he gains +1 to all stats becomes a demonic creature with all common powers of a demon.
The monster will have this form for 50 years even up to 100 but will degenerate into a simple black pudding eventually flowing into the demon realm of Jubllex or another slime based planar demonic lord. 

Rite of The Orang Minyak- Second level Rite 
The summoner takes toxic jelly from the mortal remains of a Orang Minyak while chanting the names of several planar demonic powers for hours. Finally the oily jellies are poured over his flesh & he is possessed by the powers. A successful Charisma roll must be made for the bargain to be struck. The pledge turns into a Orang Minyak  within 1d4 hours at 1st level of the path.
Inspired by Yes there is a "real" world example!


  1. I'd suggest wearing gloves before taking the toxic jelly from the remains of Orang Minyak. ;)

  2. I would definitely wear gloves when handling the Orang Minyak in any capability! I hear they make a pretty good stew if rendered down though. Keep watch & stay tuned there's more to come!


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