Monday, January 30, 2012

World War I Energy Weapons - Alternative History Weapon For Your Old School Space Opera Game

Electrical Experimenter 1917-06

The Future today! These amazing weapons are helping our boys in the trenches against the Hun. Recovered from the bloodiest battles against the Martian Overlords in 1898  have become a staple on the battle fields of Europe. 
 The genius Nikola Tesla  recently reverse engineered these magnificent weapons for our boys to use across Europe. In his own words "Its a macroscopic charged particle beam projector. The device was based upon a large Van de Graaff generator of unique design and a special type of open-ended vacuum tube. It comprised a system for the acceleration of minutetungsten or mercury particles to a velocity of about 48 times the speed of sound. The projectiles were propelled out of the tube by electrostatic repulsion."

 There are still some bugs to be worked out of the system but there getting used in many theaters across Europe! Now
This technology comes from a Near Earth Alternative where the Martian Invasion happened. These weapons are capable of  pr
oducing very great electrical force in the range of 60,000,000 volts to propel the particles to their objective. 
The kink in the weapon is the generator that it must be attached to & the tremendous output of energy needed. 

The man portable Teleforce weapon uses a a gas powered generator, back pack energy projector, & the hand focusing rod.

Teleforce weapon  Range 300' Damage 2d6+1 Weight 60 lbs.  Cost 4,000 dollars 1910 monies when first developing, cost lowered 200 dollars per unit in full production 

1d10 Random Teleforce Mishap Table 
  1. The user is electrocuted for 1d3 points of damage & the generator is not working 
  2. The user is randomly stunned for 1d3 rounds 
  3. Mutation Exposure! Roll on appropriate matrix 
  4. The local space time is ripped open & 1d4 planar demons enter! 
  5. The spirits of the dead begin to haunt the user for 1d4 hours 
  6. The user hits everyone with rand of the weapon with 1d4 points of damage! 
  7. The weapon blows up & sends the user to another plane of existence 
  8. The user lucks out & the weapon functions normally except for some smoke & flame 
  9. The weapon does triple damage to the target but burns out! 
  10. The weapon acts as a beacon to things beyond which arrive in 1d3 round to claim the user's soul! 
Teleforce weapons of this type may be built from space craft in 1d4 hours if the ship can be cannibalized. They may also be built from spare parts or built in 1d6 hours if parts are purchased on the open interstellar market. The cost is 50 credits per unit.  Engineer class characters or scientists will receive+1 to build these weapons but understand the weird science involved! 


  1. Good stuff! It makes we wonder what else was in Electrical Experimenter.

  2. Great picture - might have to use that sucker at some point.

  3. There was lots of fantastic stuff in Electrical Experimenter. It was a quality magazine from Hugo Gernesback.Electrical Experimenter was one of the early magazine ventures of the renowned Hugo Gernsback. The first monthly issue was in May 1913 and the magazine continued and grew through this final issue of July 1920, after which it continued publication under its new name, Science & Invention.
    There's lots of good stuff gentlemen Matt can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Trey there's excellent stuff in Science & Invention that is pretty damn awesome!

  4. Thanks Bill There's more of this subject coming up tomorrow! Thanks for the comment & the awesome work on your blog as well! Stay tuned!


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