Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ten More Random Lovecraftian Space Finds For Your Old School Space Opera Game

Ten More  Random Lovecraftian Space Finds Roll 1d10 
  1. The 3 mile long corpse of an Outer God that some insane alien intergalactic pirates have been using as a ship. Very badly scarred & burned out. 300 credits for disposal. 
  2. 5 Green Fish Lizard Attack Beasts  In Sleeper Pods -3 hit points each. 200 credits 
  3. Leaking Toxic Time Drives - 4 Bolted Together Golden Objects - Lost 1d20 days randomly ~ 400 credits. 
  4. One Wrecked Lightning Gun - 20 credits 
  5. A small mummified skeleton with a strange half frozen wand ~ 80 credits to the right buyer 
  6. A 200 ton block of  frozen carbonite ~ A Star Spawn Of Cthulhu locked inside - Very pissed off~ Weapon of Mass Destruction. 2000 credits with a Wizard lock spell cast on it 
  7. 20 copper tubes ~12 inches long, locked.~Each casts a magic missile spell which causes an additional decay effect each time it hits a target. 100 credits each 
  8. Strange Misfiring Teleporter, Biological in nature ~ teleports everything within a 40' radius to a destination they never return from. The Elder Things are looking for it. 200 credits 
  9. 12' iron ring casts a Domination spell on those within 20' of it. +2 to all mind control spells & powers. It whispers your friends darkest secrets at night. Men of Leng agents are searching for this item. 50 credits 
  10. 12 brain cylinders belonging to famous figures from galactic politics. They continually argue amongest themselves. There is no one looking for these not even the Mi Go. They may be tortured into revealing military secrets though. 200 credits or more to the right buyer. 


  1. Great stuff! These would all make excellent scenario seeds for Lovecraftian Space Opera...

  2. Thanks GJ & I'm planning something with this! There's more Lovecraftian goodness coming. Say is there anyway I can get those spells to you tomorrow?


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