Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carcosian Monster: Giant Mutant Sloth Monster

Carcosian Monster: Giant Mutant Sloth Monster
Number appearing :1d3 
Armor Class 6 
Hit Dice:8 
Move: 12 
These are a distinct  mutant stock of the common giant sloth mutated over centuries of exposure to all types of genetic pollution. These creatures stand over 20' tall & armed with powerful claws. They move with the swiftness of  tornado attacking with bursts of powerful speed. 
Those who have encountered them always remember the horrible teeth, vicious claws, & the worst attitude seen for light years. They have very little fear & seem to haunt strange ruins where they acquire weird mutations from time to time.
The claws of these bruts do 1d3 points of damage & the teeth are infected with either jungle rot or fever. A saving throw verus disease must be made when engaging melee with these terrible creatures.
 They mate three times per year & gestation for these terrors is 2 months.
They have been known to take on fully grow T-Rex for sport & fun. These brutes engage with other predators over territoriality, prey, & simple sport.
 There are theories that these are the remains of an Eldar Thing experiment gone wrong. They have been found at several of their ruined outposts. There was talk of these monsters being driven into a berserk state by the scent of  several alien species. These rumors can not be confirmed at this time. They remain a savage unknown quality to those who have encountered them. 
Those who have ventured to other worlds report that the brutes may be related to a species discovered some 203 light years from Carcosa by Captain Ray "Crash" Corrigan of the USS Cisco Kid


  1. Nice. Never has horror approached...so...sloooowwwly.

  2. Thanks Trey! Those are 'state of the art' effects for 1948! There will be more stuff to come!


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