Saturday, May 14, 2016

Some Free OSR And Classic Science Fiction Resources For Your Saturday Old School Campaigns

I was cruising through the Internet Archive last night at five am and came across three OSR  to resources. One of which is Greyhawk Appearance Generation table that's perfect for generating an adventurer's appearance in a Greyhawk game. I used it last night to create a number of traders, merchants, and NPC's in last night's adventure on the fly.

The second resource I came across is a complete OSR campaign setting called Anchorhold by Jason Morningstar

This campaign setting is rife to be used and customized by an OSR dungeon master to their heart's content. Its easy fast and has a ton of potential for your old school games as a complete setting that can stand on its own or can easily be dropped into an existing fantasy world.
Then there's Infinite Stars Issue #2 for Stars Without Number but has the odd bit for Traveller and more. Its not a bad little piece of old school science fiction gaming fandom material. The expanded world creation rules alone are worth the download.

Finally there's the entire run of If  Science Fiction magazine, IF was one of those classic science fiction magazines you always hear about in science fiction history books but can never find an issue except at a tag sale or get charged an arm and a leg at a used bookstore if your lucky.

"If was an American science fiction magazine launched in March 1952 by Quinn Publications, owned by James L. Quinn. The magazine was moderately successful, though it was never regarded as one of the first rank of science fiction magazines." Well that's total bull manure because the magazine went onto win some awards when,"It achieved its greatest success under editor Frederik Pohl, winning the Hugo Award for best professional magazine three years running from 1966 to 1968."
There's  is really a lot of fine science fiction to read and mine from for your old school space campaigns and science fantasy settings. The entire run of IF magazine  is right over here for free

You've got to love a rat in the android head cover from IF, these covers were always classic and they remind me of one of my pair of favorite WB characters. Naff
Well that's all folks!

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