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1d20 Under Lovecraftian Skies Random Adventure Plot Generator Encounter Table For The Alpha Blue Rpg System & Your Old School Campaigns

Sex, lust, and the dark between the stars ring with the comings and goings of space adventurers but sometimes the contrails from a space ship's engines bring with it far more then what is expected above a planet's sky.  It brings the opportunity for exploitation,horror, and worse against the dark of space.

"a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the black extra-cosmic gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes.”
― H.P. Lovecraft,
The Colour Out of Space and others

Encounters with the horrid and dangerous entities that exist beyond the pale of our reality are often the only markers to run ins with extra dimensional entities. Adventurer's souls, existences, flesh, blood, and individuality in space time are often the very morsels that these things seek to feed on.
The dark depths of space are lonely and very dangerous a places indeed where mankind are mere strangers to much older places. There  far more ancient species have already trodden and made their mark on the stage of interstellar space. In every space dive and weird disco bar there are hybrid species who were once slaves or servants to things so alien that their mere appearance can drive a being mad. But under the glaring hot disco lights of interstellar dance clubs there are millions of deals, pieces of esoteric gossip, and snippets of adventure all centered around the remains of empires crumbled to dust over billions ago across many realities.

There are thousands of credits and blue bucks that are made each and every night under alien skies whist things older then universes wait under stars of the damned for fools to find them. Sex, lust, and flesh ripping terror do indeed make strange bed fellows.

1d30 Under Lovecraftian Skies Random Adventure Plot Generator Encounter Table

  artwork by
Dominique Signoret
  1.   A space craft of incredibly ancient design streaks across the sky inside is an alien princess whose appearance will spark lust and interest any male or female adventurers who find her. But its her space craft which is the real treasure because it contains a highly advanced hyperdrive system worth millions. She will paralysis and lay her eggs within any PC she can after which they will hatch and consume the soul of the host along with their flesh to interact with interstellar society. 
  2. A jewel encrusted prince from the outer territories comes in to do trading and find a pleasure palace aboard Alpha Blue. He's actually an Outer God larva whose taken on the flesh of this alien prince. He's very dangerous and unpredictable going about spreading mayhem and terror. He has 1d4 alien artifacts worth a small fortune.
  3.  An ancient elder god who was worshiped by an alien civilization has turned to dust long ago has turned into a demon and is now treading the flesh dens of the cosmos feeding upon the souls of those it sleeps with. It leaves a few alien coins of cursed aspect behind it and sometimes a flesh eating fetus for those who displease it. 
  4. A space construction worker has become infected with Abyss imps and they've now taken over his body and are joy riding around in his missing construction space craft. They are dangerous and very psychotic; they will kill anyone they come across in amusing ways. 
  5.  Mi Go cluster of soldiers is trying to gather 1d10 brains for a psychic bomb and to take a few choice specimens back to their alien hives beyond the pale. 
  6.  Space fairy infected with a demonic essence is looking for other to seduce to pass along her mistress into others. She is very dangerous and will cut off bits and pieces of those who cross her. 
  7. A telepathic dream thief is going across alien space in a very strange space craft. He is from the Dreamlands and is taking the 'dreaming' pieces of souls to return to his dark masters in the realms of dreams. 
  8. A space hooker from Alpha Blue has become infected with a colour out of space and there is a bounty on her. However she has stolen a high performance space craft moving among interstellar worlds scouting for her young who are following on her spiked heels. 
  9. An Elder Thing near humanoid construct is pursuing an alien agenda of his long dead masters against the Great Race of Yith. He will kill anyone he comes across and has 1d4 alien artifacts. 
  10. A Star Vampire egg clutch has hatched on a ship and now the crew are under the domain of one of these horrors beyond the pale of space. The vampire pursues a very dangerous agenda against an alien overlord aboard Alpha Blue. 
  11. A space essence belonging to a long dead horror stalks the stars and now seeks out his ancient dead masters whist consuming the souls of these lesser things around it. It is a dangerous, sad, and pathetic creature consumed by old horrid appetites especially the flesh and souls of this young universe. 
  12. A weirdly designed organic craft has aboard valuable cargo worth thousands of blue bucks but a space vampire queen has a clutch of hundreds of eggs aboard as well ready to hatch bringing a cycle of death and rebirth upon the galaxy. 
  13. A Great Race construct has appeared in the system its mission unknown but there is valuable cargo aboard it. 
  14. A telepathic alien has been possessed by a Lovecraftian demon under the stars of the dead. The thing is seeking the soul of a shape shifting hooker aboard Alpha Blue for an unknown agenda. 
  15. There is  sex starved alien entity who  is looking for its god who has been pursuing an alien dreamer aboard Alpha Blue. The alien is looking to restart his people deep in the Dreamlands. 
  16. A cat from Saturn is looking to consume the souls of eight people in order to placate its ancient god thing master. This is merely the pet entity of something much more horrid and dangerous. 
  17. A Shaggoth disguised as a space hooker, adventurer, and bounty hunter is on the trail of one of the PC's whom it must eat. 
  18. A control rod of the spawn of Cthulhu has come into possession of a space adventurer whom it has driven mad. The fool is even now trying to awaken one of the spawn circling a nearby star. He wants several thousand credits for the rod but in actuality he will sacrifice the buyer and his party too the thing. 
  19. A moon beast slaver party is offering 'used' slaves through an interstellar  front management company as well as looking for investors for expansion into local markets. They are sacrificing and enslaving the competition for use in alien experimentation 
  20.  An Outer God frozen in time and space has drifted into the local system. Bits and pieces of alien technology has caused a massive gold rush effect with local adventurers who have no idea of the dangerous situation that they find themselves in.

These encounters are geared towards the Universal Exports kickstarter because I want to get a jump up on the interstellar Alpha Blue action.
It also happens be my take on the setting information that I've read on the Kickstarter page.

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