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Ten Questions In Gaming With Venger Satanis & The New Alpha Blue Rpg Adventure Kickstarter

Good Evening, tonight I wanted to take a bit of time to get into the mind of Venger Santanis with his latest Kickstarter for the Alpha Blue rpg Pussy Chasers The Legend of Oral.


Ten Questions In Gaming With Eric Fabiaschi
 From The Swords and Stitchery  Blog
Thanks for taking the time to speak with us tonight and we’ve got ten questions for one of gaming’s guiding lights. So let’s get right to it shall we. 

1. How did you get your start in the rpg hobby and how has it changed since then?

I started as a curiously enthusiastic yet ignorant boy, fumbling about, not really knowing the rules or how to play.  Eventually, I was shown how D&D actually worked.  Fast forward about 31 years and here I am, still Game Mastering (mostly), playing (a little), and writing books whenever I have a flash of inspiration and free moment.

2. Is table top role playing still one of your favorite past times? How often do you get together with players?

Yes, it is.  There's the creation part of it, seeing things unfold, discovering what happens next with the roll of a die, interacting with players and their characters, the tension, drama, laughter, and fun.  These days, I try to run at least 2 games every month... in person.  That's not always possible with wife, kids, etc., but I try.  Every once in awhile, I'll sneak 60 or 90 minutes of a game on Roll20 during my "lunch hour".

3. I see that you’ve got a new adventure module Kickstarter happening. How is your Kickstarter different from those that players have seen in the past?

Yes, I'm back to writing for my sleazy 70's sci-fi RPG Alpha Blue.  The new book is going to be called Pussy Chasers: The Legend of Oral.  It's a chance to come up with a sci-fi setting away from the space station brothel.  Though it will still be raunchy and silly in places, I'll be exploring a darker future where space travel and working for oneself is pretty much the only way out of the universal sewer.  So, planet-hopping dystopia and boobs.

4. What systems are this adventure going to be for and what can players and dungeon masters expect from it?

I'm going to keep making those random tables cause I love writing them and the audience loves reading them.  Expect Pussy Chasers to go deeper.  Anything you'd want at your fingertips whilst running Alpha Blue, this new book will deliver (in conjunction with Girls Gone Rogue, of course).

5. How is this adventure going to stand out in today’s dynamic and changing table top rpg market?

Well, the explicit sexual angle hasn't been done to death, so it's got that going for it.  The title alone should set it apart.  I'm also going to find/commission top-notch artwork and lots of it.  I think that's an important part of any RPG book.  

6. What kinds of perks and levels are we going to see in your adventure and is there going to be continuing support for it after the Kickstarter ends?

Some high-resolution maps of starships and things.  A new character sheet for Alpha Blue, stuff like that.  It's nice to have goals, but I don't want to go crazy with extras that might take away from the main event - the book itself.  After this one, I'm going back to The Outer Presence and Crimson Dragon Slayer, so Pussy Chasers will have to suffice for at least a year and a half.

7. Do you feel that as a writer and designer that Kickstarter has helped or hindered the table top rpg hobby in 2016?

For some, it has hindered, but many (including myself) have been helped, so I'm grateful for Kickstarter.  It's strange to see stuff I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole going for thousands and thousands of dollars, maybe even a hundred thousand dollars or more.  I can only hope that in 20 years, gamers are going to embrace a new Venger Satanis project for half a million or whatever.  You never know...

8. Where do as a designer fall in the spectrum of table top gaming? Are you an old school, new school, or some other facet of the hobby as a designer or writer of table top adventures?

I'm about a third old school as far as game mechanics, but two thirds old school as far as feel, aesthetics, passion, and creativity.  The new school has probably taught me what not to do just as much as it's taught me how to approach something.  My particular niche is sexy, darkness, gonzo, Lovecraftian... with a sense of humor.

9. If this Kickstarter funds what other projects can we expect to see from you in the coming year? How does this define your expectations for this project?

The success of both Alpha Blue and Girls Gone Rogue kind of drove me to Pussy Chasers, plus I felt a bit more inspired towards that avenue.  If things go well, my wife and I will be having another baby this fall.  So, this current Kickstarter project is the last one for awhile - at least a year.  However, along the way, I plan to release little 5 to 10 page PDFs when I can.  

10. Where in 2017 would you like to see yourself and your place in the table top hobby? 

In 2017, it would be nice to rest on my slimy green laurels for awhile.  Take a vacation from publishing.  Just sit back and GM, play, and see what people do with my works.  Maybe one day a book of mine will win some kind of award or I'll get invited to be the guest of honor at a gaming convention.  Or perhaps a roleplaying game company will ask me to contribute (for a large sum of money, of course) to their empire.  2017 is probably too early for that stuff, but stranger things have happened.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today on Swords & Stitchery, this has been your host Eric Fabiachi.

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