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1d20 Random Ancient Minor Gods and Tomb Guardians Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Ancient  sites and ruins are often guarded by bound heirloom spirits, the ghosts of ancient bound gods, demonic things  and tomb guardians brought from beyond the pale bound into the preserved flesh of undead things. These monsters are often creatures from before when the world was new and far less civilized. Often times these beings  have been brought from  before the cycles of the Earth before the waters drank Atlantis. They are very dangerous and horrid unnatural survivals of another order of life.

Often these beings will conform to the basic outline of a ghostly Hill giant or Stone giant with 1d20 minor powers or abilities. Often times these beings will be guarding minor family treasures or hoards long forgotten by their original owners. These beings might even have been driven insane by the powerful magicks that bind them to their charges.

1d20 Ancient Minor
Gods and Tomb Guardians Random Encounter Table
  1. The ghost of ancient demonic wizard whose godly family was mortally wounded in the war with the god who now guards his slayer's tombs for all eternity. He is quite mad but can cast 1d8 spells per day at sixth level. 
  2. A damned Lovecraftian horror tied to a nearby ancient family plague pit where gold from Hell has been stored. 
  3. A conqueror warlord bound to the local god's cemetery of the damned where treasures of the gods are supposedly buried. 
  4. A tomb ghost of an ancient Atlantian lady now merged with some undead horror from beyond to the graveyard of old wizards and warriors long forgotten by history. 
  5. A swarm of wight like demonic things from far beyond many realities summoned to guard a former military base of the ancients. 
  6. A deadly horror made up from the ghosts of long forgotten gods now merged and bound together by a secret order of necromancers long dead. 
  7. A very dangerous horror created from the soul of an undead god whose worshipers have long passed into extinction brought into the world because of the sacrifice of a warrior women who gave her life to stop an invasion. 
  8. A swarm of chaotic bird things made from the long extinct tribes of warriors who merged with a local horror to create the perfect guardians. They watch over the relics and treasures of the Ancients. 
  9. The vengeful spirit of a long gone god thing who now haunts the tombs and ruins of his former enemies protecting relics and treasures of power that call to his spirit from beyond this reality. 
  10. The undead corpses of gods and spirits whose extinct peoples have cursed them to haunt the moors and down hills of this wild place now lost to the pages of history. 
  11. A pack of crazy and psychotic giant things whose purpose is long forgotten but the magical power of the place keeps them bound to it. Silver and golden weapons lay buried just below the surface. 
  12. A group of bound ghostly demonic warrior women haunt the tombs and ruins here protecting the weird devices of alien origin lost in this place. 
  13. A demonic horror haunts this place drawn here centuries ago and worshiped by the Ancients. It is drawn to any wizards or magic users because of their power. 
  14. Howling and madness follow in the wake of this thing and its demonic power as the fury of the Ancients create it each night to guard the legacy of the ruins of this place of power. 
  15. The ghost of an ancient alien warrior was drawn down from the stars by the promise of battle and glory but that was in ages past. Now only gold and misplace super science keep it here. Adventurers and worse are drawn by tales of gold but die on this alien thing's magical blade. 
  16. A thousand dead brides have been merged to form the totality of this alien horror from beyond death. It seeks the eyes and hearts of the living to feast on. Dangerous and mad it is drawn to power and desperation of the living. Tales of silver artifacts and ancient crowns of gold draw in the foolish. They find only death here. 
  17. Howling winds and fury mark the site of this spirit giant's haunted grave that it protects with its weird powers and mastery of wind. Able to strip a man down to the bone in seconds its said to guard a thousand treasures from beyond human desire. 
  18. A dangerous spirit guards a weird and odd military base of beings long since forgotten by this world. There are treasures here for the taking if you can bypass this spirit. 
  19. The world has moved on but this reptilian like ghostly giant guards a cask of dreams and treasure long forgotten by this world. It is said to be the golden heart of the Great Old One Yig. Giant snakes haunt this place during the day said to be the thing's eyes and ears. 
  20. The undead spawn of Cthulhu haunts this place searching for the keys to set it free but a cult of worshipers haunts this place sacrificing sons and daughters of the local merchants and kings.

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