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1d20 Random Bookplate Guardian Spirit Table & Call Bookplate Guardian Spirit Spell For Your Old School Campaigns

Before the first page of a wizard's spell book is opened the adventurer or rival wizard may have to deal with the guardians of such tomes. Since adventurers and outlaws are plundering the ancient ruins, dungeons, estates and other places of people of influence, the former headquarters or occult orders, religions, and the like they will most likely run into "Bookplate Guardians Spirit ." These are monsters and spirits of incredible aspect. But what is a bookplate to begin with? According to Wiki;"A bookplate, also known as ex-librīs [Latin, "from the books of..."], is usually a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner. Simple typographical bookplates are termed "booklabels".
Bookplates typically bear a name, motto, device, coat-of-arms, crest, badge, or any motif that relates to the owner of the book, or is requested by him from the artist or designer. The name of the owner usually follows an inscription such as "from the books of..." or "from the library of...", or in Latin, ex libris.... Bookplates are important evidence for the provenance of books."

The summoning of a "Bookplate Guardians Spirit" is one of a wizard's first level spells and a rite of passage among wizards,clerics, priests, and other orders of the occult . In fact this is service that is provided among some esoteric cults of priests, wizards, and other practitioners of occult arts to the rich.
The summoning of a Bookplate Guardian Spirits is a 2nd level clerical spell or a first level wizard or magic user spell. This is a gray magic spell because it blurs the boundaries between the realms of spirit and magic to bind a special guardian to a precious and personal object of power.
The components of this spell can vary but they usual bell, book, and candle with various accoutrements and whatnot thrown in depending upon magical or religious order or individual

Call  Bookplate Guardian Spirit Spell
Conjuration- Summoning
Level: one wizard or 2nd level cleric    Range: See Text
Casting time: One full round
Save: none
Duration: permanent or unless the spell book is destroyed
Spell Resistance: No  
Effect: Summons a guardian spirit into the face plate of a wizard or cleric's spell or order book

 This spell calls forth from the spiritual realms a guardian spirit to protect the spellbook or property of a wizard or cleric. This is usually done with a bell, the book in question, and a candle. Many orders use an appropriate spirit which is then bound directly into a specially prepared bookplate costing at least one gold piece or more; the plate itself often has elaborate artwork or special prepared sigils that are pleasing to the guardian spirit.
Those trying to steal or plunder such a book will find themselves under the effects of a minor curse or harried by the guardian spirit for 1d10 months after the theft. The owner if still alive will be informed of the thief's identity and possible location if applicable.

 Examples of possible guardian spirits include minor ghosts of past wizardly order members, minor spirits of clerical and godly deities and many more. DM's and players should choose wisely and work together to create a guardian spirit that is best suited for the PC.
Casters should beware of over using and taxing this spell unless their occult order or priestly line specializes in it. Many gods of books, book binders, and gods of knowledge will put special restrictions upon this spell and may limit its power. Consult and work with your dungeon masters over this matter.

Most often adventurers and outlaws may have to contend with the powers of the occult when they plunder a wizard's library or valuable stash of books. These will often have 1d10 spirits within them remaining often times spirits will be released when an object of powers is destroyed. But this is not always the case there is a 20% chance that the spirit will feel responsible for the object and linger around the book out of honorable memory of the wizard or caster.
Here then are 1d20 encounters for your old school games for parties to encounter Bookplate Guardian Spirits

1d20 Random Bookplate Guardian Spirit Table
  1.  A ghost from the spirit realms who has taught generations of wizards and occultists over the centuries. It is quite pissed from being bound and not used in its duties. The first fool opening the book is going to be attacked and possibly murdered. 
  2. A spirit of an ancient demon who has the wisdom of Solomon and patience of Satan is waiting for a new challenge perhaps your party might provide one. 
  3. An imp of the perverse is waiting between the pages of this volume, waiting and watching hoping you will be picking up this book. 
  4. A demon slipped into the rite instead of the just guardian and now masquerades for a few centuries as a spirit of knowledge. Clever and dangerous it will slowly try to corrupt its new owner and murder the party. 
  5. A spirit of knowledge waits for the first idiot to open its old charge. It will demand a service and a quest for the knowledge contained within this book. Dare you disobey it. 
  6. An ancient muse of knowledge has served this house for centuries giving advice and watching families live and die within these walls how dare you take her book from within. 
  7. Curses upon you who take my child's book for I'm the font and guardian of this sacred knowledge so you will make amends plunderer. A quest for this group of adventurers awaits you now! 
  8. I'm the spirit of humor and pranks can you guess my riddles to unlock this book's wisdom? You will be given one spell or trinket of knowledge in exchange for unlocking my riddles. A spirit of order with a wick streak of humor guards this book. 
  9. The ghost of centaur guards this book and its contents but it has the curse of its violent relatives within it. A curse will greet the fools who try to bypass it. 
  10.  A father has bound his ghost within these pages to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to his son and generations to come. Are you worthy of such things? 
  11. The frost queen's daughter spirit is bound within these pages can you let go of her wisdom. Only a song can do that. Can you satisfy her? 
  12. Two lovers spirits have been bound within these pages their fiery passion burns anyone who touches this book for 1d6 points of damage while the book remains untouched. They each teach different aspects of the wisdom within. 
  13. A minor fairy watches over this book and its contents waiting for someone to unlock its mysteries and while it will be glad to teach its wisdom it will not stand for foolish mortal drivel 
  14. A spirit of a murderer has been locked within these pages to serve the cause of law for all eternity. The thing will attack anyone foolish enough to break its guidelines and laws. Please won't you break them and let me have fun. 
  15. The blood thirsty ghost of a former vampire overlord has been bound within these pages and now must serve out its eternity teaching the spells and lore of its enemies. It will try to anger and trick those into burning its prison but will eagerly attack thieves. 
  16. Bound within these pages is the spirit of a librarian who looks upon his task for eternity as Heaven. He will fiercely kill any and all who violate his charge. 
  17. A family has been bound within the pages of this book awaiting the next generation that never came. They look to free the minds of a  wizard or priest  and create the next great caster upon the world. But there is the little matter of occult knowledge tests. 
  18. A thieves guild has been killed and bound within these pages. They will give their knowledge without fail but can also provide knowledge of hidden treasures and loot. But they will also try to murder those who don't see through their lies. 
  19. A druid's spirit has been bound within as the book of knowledge and wisdom of this family. He willingly gave his life to do so for his stories and wisdom of this land must be preserved. 
  20. This spellbook contains the remains of an evil priest who will try to spread his corruption to all. 

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