Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1d6 Random Recoverable Cybernetic Relics & Systems Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

When adventurers stumble upon the remains of an android, robot, or other mechanical or cybernetic life form they never know if the corpse of such an entity might have some ancient rare and valuable computer or electronic systems. Some of these items can be quite valuable to the right collector of the robotic or other  cybernetic instruments. However does your group have any way of knowing if the latest 'artificial life form find' is valuable or scrap metal? Here is a random  D6 table to help out.

1d6 Random Recoverable Cybernetic Relics
& Systems  Table
  1. There is an artificial power source of a nuclear pellet that will last for 120 years. These systems are worth a cool 300 gold pieces. But men will murder your PC's for it because of the semi precious metals uses in its construction. 
  2. The coloured bands represent newer quantum phase couplets of an extreme variety. If they are added to a cybernetic systems they add +3 on all Dexterity checks for the cyborg. They are worth 1d200 gold pieces because of beauty and rarity. 
  3. A wide spectrum cybernetic system sensor, this sensor is worth its wait in gold because it is capable of dipping a nearby  flipper dimension and will pick up any and all supernatural entities within a 40 yard radius. The sensor however hasn't any protections from such entities. Worth about 10,0000 gold pieces because of the extreme natural of the system and what it brings to the table. 
  4. A weapon cybernetic hand recovered from several owners. The piece is able to slip poisons and a mini laser that adds in a +2 on all to hit checks. The thing also has a poison reserve and needles that will slip into position. Its worth 600 gold pieces but damned is the person who advertises this ancient collector's item. 
  5. A cybernetic coin that is able track the cybernetic sickness and state of mind of its owner. The thing is able to pick up the alpha waves from nearby telepathic or pychic winds as it takes its hyper sensitive abilities and can track down ANY telepathic or esper within a 60 foot radius. The system is worth a cool 1,000 gold pieces. 
  6. An artificial spine, this piece of hardware augments the existing frame work and nervous system of its owner. The system adds a +2 on all initiative based rolls as the system works on the owner's spine and becomes a semi living bio organic organ. The thing will give its owner vivid hallucinations and there is a 30% chance of the owner being sensitive to danger and violence as it manifests on the psychic wind.Its worth 10,000 gold pieces because of its rarity and weird powers.

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