Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Comments, G+, Reviews, & Social Media On The Swords and Stitchery Blog

I've seen a couple of posts on social media about blogs with comment sections turned off.  Swords and Stitchery was hit by a series of spammers and spammer bots about a year back. Since I work a full time job I don't have lot of time to answer comments on the blog. So what was I going to do? Well, the short answer was to join G+ for my old school gaming communications and conversations especially about this blog. That's where if you want to communicate with me and talk about stuff on the blog you can reach me. So far its worked out great. Part of the reason for all of this is to maintain this blog under my control as both author and gamer. So I'm not going to turn on the comments here. If you want to reach me then do so on G+ or through the email connected with this blog.


 This commentary comes with a warning. I don't suffer fools gladly and can't stand political rants, or other bull. I'm on social media to talk about games, retroclones, and old school Dungeons and Dragons.
So if you've got anything to say and want to talk about games and such you can reach me on G+

G+ has been great for bringing more products to review, new ideas, and plenty of material for old school and retroclone gaming. In point of fact the OSR and some of it can be a bit well overwhelming at times.  I've really enjoyed the experience of using social media and so far this option has worked out quite well. I'll have more original material coming up later on.

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