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1d20 Random Places of Myth & Legend In The Wasteland An Encounter Table For Your Old School Game Campaigns

There are time haunted places that cross the borders of reality bleeding through the very pores of worlds to cross the threshold of our realities and come to create their own dream in the wastelands. These are places of forbidden myth and legend that come into our world in the least expected places. They often have their own rules, peoples and legends. They can offer great riches, great danger to adventurers and travelers in the wastes. Some of these places border Fairy & dream itself some of these places can't be explained in terms of purely intellectual terms. Here is where the most danger greets the adventurer in whose path these places appear.

“White spiders, demon-headed and large as monkeys, had woven their webs in the hollow arches of the bones; and they swarmed out interminably as Nushain approached; and the skeleton seemed to stir and quiver as they seethed over it abhorrently and dropped to the ground before the astrologer. Behind them others poured in a countless army, crowding and mantling every ossicle.”
― Clark Ashton Smith

1d20 Random Places of Myth & Legend In The Wasteland An Encounter Table
  1.  An ancient city of people lost in time and space whose souls were swallowed by fairy during the 16th century but who are unaware of their fate. They are guarded by demons and ghouls who harvest the souls of travelers. 
  2. An ancient palace time lost to a long dream of a demon god whose awakening dissolves the place back into unreality. There are 1d6 knights who are trapped in between realities. 
  3. A caravan of gold and spices that was swallowed by the wastelands whose ancient souls were swallowed by demons of dream and they now manifest during certain days. The gold tempts the foolish. 
  4. A palace of criminals and fools manifests upon a ridge above the wastelands and on certain days the smell of food and drink drifts on the wind tempting the foolish. A gnome illusionist's body has been taken over by a demon spirit rules over the place dealing in the souls of those who fall for his poison and drink. 
  5. A castle from the depth of Hell itself manifest offering reprise from the heat and poison of the wastes only to claim the damned, the unjust, and the foolish who give into its treasure vaults of damned gold and miraculous artifacts. 
  6. A troupe of fairy bards, artists, and entertainers travels the wastelands entertaining villages and survivors but claiming their souls and dreams in the process. They come with each new moon and leave with sunrise. 1d6 ghouls follow in their wake claiming the bodies of those who commit suicide in the wake of these performances. 
  7. An ancient temple of faded gods tempts the faithful to use its chambers only to offer horrid demonic interiors filled with murder and horror. There are legends of golden alter relics and chalices that tempt outlaws and adventurers into its bowels of murder and mayhem. 
  8. An ancient oasis offers eternal health and youth in one of its pools but it is guarded by 1d8 hook horrors who rest within its sands. They will eat anyone who uses the cursed waters of the pool. These fools are actually those who stay in the oasis over night when it disappears in the morning's light. 
  9. There are rumors of a bunker full of artifacts and relics but actually an abode of terrible evil elemental Earth gnomes who claim the souls of those who come here. 
  10. An evil humanoid dragon comes down from the stars into the wastelands to claim any farm animals, any souls it can find and worse. A knight will try to enlist adventurers in his fight eternal with the evil beast but both will fade back into the darkness with the coming light. Those who continue to fight the beast will have to remain by the knight's side. 
  11. A temple of a chalice of evil appears with the new moons and offers treasure and salvation for the souls of those who suffer from mutation. It does cure them but with the kiss of death. There are 1d20 ghosts who will try to warn any future victims but there are 1d20 relics and weapons from previous victims. 
  12. An ancient demon dragon guards a cache of fairy gold and artifacts until the day time ends and then shall these things be used to fulfill a prophecy of legend. Those who brave the dragon may join in the eternal struggle or choose one treasure. Those who try and slay the dragon will join it as its undead minions. There are 1d10 minor undead warriors currently at its side. 
  13. An ancient curse causes a city of ancient myth and legend to appear and those who cross its threshold find themselves in a minor heavenly oasis like place of peace and perfection. Those who stay within the walls when the sun goes down find themselves in a city of phantoms and ghosts who might be joining the damned. 
  14.  An ancient temple of a goddess of love manifests and the priestess of the place go out into the wastelands preaching their brand of religion and love. They give a single gold coin with the symbol of their goddess on it. Those who take it will gain +2 on charisma temporarily but they feel compelled to visit the temple on the night of the full moon. There they will become the 'golden sacrifices' to the hungry goddess of love and the cycle will begin someplace else. There is also a golden treasure.
  15.  A fortress where an enchanted sword of myth has been stored appears and draws warriors and adventurers from far and wide. The blade holds great power and pride for those who hear its siren call. Actually the blade is the resting place for a pit fiend lord and those who draw it will be taken over and possessed by the demon thing. 
  16. An ancient temple of three fairy goddesses appears in the wasteland and offers blessings for those who use its services for healing. The goddess's magick can cure many aliments and sicknesses as well as mutation but they want the first born of certain clans. They are looking for someone and murder those who don't meet their criteria. 
  17.  This place is the ancient abode of a spirit of wrath and anger trapped within a diamond of the rarest clarity the crystal is actually a cursed god object and will draw in the souls of those who are charmed by its glamour. A cult of 1d20 1st level warriors guards the thing. There is a Type B treasure that is scattered about the ruins.
  18.  The ancient spirit of a fairy god mother has been trapped here between dimensions and she manifests as a terrible demonic monster that tries to help travelers and adventurers. Those who can set her free will be granted a minor treasure. But she appears as demon queen of terrible aspect trapped in the ruins of a former palace.
  19.  This is a castle made of the sands of time, those who come here may become trapped within the illusions of their own pasts. The place is filled with statues that appear to be ancient adventurers many of which have enchanted weapons but there is a 40% chance of them animating as JuJu zombies during the nights of the full moon.
  20.  An ancient warrior's home palace appears in the wastelands filled with pre war relics and ancient servant robots but in actuality this place is an illusionary trap where the wall themselves are made from the flesh and souls of those who tried to take the treasures of this place. Ancient fairies guard the place and feast on those who try to steal its treasures. This place moves around dimensionally.

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