Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1d6 Unexpected Necromatic Finds & Encounters Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There were many strange and horrific radiations, weird energies, and unexpectedly deadly energies released by the ancients during the apocalyptic events of the last days. Adventurers never know what sorts of unexpected necomatic or necrotic horrors await them in the wastes. These unexpected finds or encounters have an unexpected side effect of often times carrying fallout or contamination on them. Adventurers are urged to use extreme caution when dealing with these types of encounters.

There is a 60% chance of these horrors carrying some kind of horrid disease or other contagious disease

1d6 Unexpected Necromatic Finds & Encounters Table

  1. 1d8 body parts strewn across a one acre area, these things begin to come to life and assault the PC's. There is a 40% chance of the leader being a rare type of specter. These bastards will stop at nothing to destroy a chosen target.
  2. Four skeletons that will animate and fuse together to assault anyone they or it runs across. Has jeweled eyes and a shiny fused plate on one part. 
  3. A pile of decaying bones, crypt rot, and worse become a fused metal giant with undead pretensions. The thing with somehow seek to draw PC's into its circle of misery 
  4. Pack of 1d6 ghouls on the hunt for some easy targets and quick meal time. They attack on sight for good reason. 
  5. A group of 1d8 wights in burial shrouds is looking for a specific target & they will stop at nothing to slaughter a PC or two who get's in their way. 
  6. A skeleton warrior who is free willed and very capable. This being is intelligent and very dangerous often using its wit, experience in dangerous games of cat and mouse with its target.. The warrior is armed with an enchanted sword and a minor artifact or energy weapon.

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