Thursday, May 5, 2016

1d6 Random Recoverable Android and A.I. Treasure Finds Table For For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Adventurers sometimes find incredible relics and remains that get left behind when the Artificial Intelligence lifeforms abandon some  of  their creations and other weird cybernetic life forms out in the wastelands. Many of these creatures are dangerous and yet can yield valuable artifacts.

When adventurers stumble upon such alien artifacts their might be a wisdom or tech use skill check required. These finds can and do yield valuable and sometimes incredibly dangerous finds. Here's a list of some of the more esoteric and odd finds that adventurers can come across in the wastelands. Caution should be used when approaching any of these types of relics.

1d6 Random Recoverable  Android
& A.I. Treasure Finds Table

  1. A carbonite android skull with the advanced optics intact inside the thing with its valuable silver housings. Worth about six hundred gold pieces but the thing has a radioactive battery which as a 40% chance of leaking when found presenting a dangerous radiation hazard. 1d6 points of flesh decaying weird radiation if leaking. 
  2. A new flesh organ pod found in part of a robotic chest cavity, the organ is capable of regenerating nanite technological repairs capable of remaking or repairing any bread box sized item placed within it. The thing however will strip the flesh from a limb for 1d8 points of damage if placed inside the rubbery like organ. Its worth 10,000 gold pieces to a collector or wizard. 
  3. A robotic birthing unit capable of creating an embryonic android of an appropriate type to the ruins its found in such as a soldier unit found in a military base or an engineering unit found in the ruins of an M.I.T. satellite facility. The thing is also capable of slipping in an assassin counter security demonic life essence into a living person, the thing will take over and reprogram a human mind in 1d6 hours. The person infected must save vs death or become the unwilling pawn of such a life form. Worth 40,000 gold pieces to the right collector or cult.
  4. Deep Slumber robotic mind, this is a subsidiary mind for an A.I. that can act as back up or lesser mind units for the massive god like intelligences that run the deep other dimensional gate ways. These units are capable of copying a dead person's mind in a very limited way giving a form of artificial resurrection for a 2 year limited basis. These units are worth 60,000 gold pieces but the least little damage will cause them to rapidly decay. The unit can only be placed in the ear canals of the recently deceased who can't be dead for more then four hours. These resurrections are not perfect copies and some emotional or mental trauma may result without the use of a wizard specializing deep cybernetic life forms. There is a 30% chance of a demonic corruption of such a unit as well.
  5. Helix robotic life essence unit, these organs are found in heavily created and armored robotic units and they are used for the collecting, dissembling and cataloging of mutant stock life forms out in the waste lands. They are very dangerous for the in hands of the right wizard they can be used to combined two or more mutant life forms into a totally new artificial or androidic life form. They do this by taking two genetic samples from mutant life forms and then forming a nanite cocoon which gives birth to a brand new monstrous artificial mutant life form. The possibilities of these horrors are endless and many cryptic cults seek such robotic units out to destroy and collect these organs. Such units are almost always heavily armed and very dangerous in their own right. These organs are worth between 30,000 to 80,000 gold to the right collector who might try to murder the party or adventurer anyway. 
  6. An extra dimensional prism crystal this device is only found on certain sentient android life forms and the crystal is capable of detecting tears,rips, warps,and folds in space. The crystal can take a snap shot of such places or gateways for the creation of between 1d10 gateways of their own creation. These devices allow psychic mutants or wizards to travel between the folds in space time and to move side ways between dimensional planes.  These rare items are worth 60,000 gold pieces but if the crystal matrix is handled roughly there is a 40% chance of a small dimensional explosion that will suck the adventurer into an alternative universe from the mishandling. 

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