Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Crime Scene - The Red Room's Orbital Decay & Night Owl Workshop's Colonial Troopers - Session Report

 Let's get into it from today's game session with DM Paul aboard the 'haunted' space station. Our party has been able to cut into the 'Engineering ' section despite attempts by the monsters to keep us out. Inside engineering after one of our psionists put up a protection zone we found an interdimensional door. This door was allowing the monsters to enter into our home space time contuum! We doubled our protection and began the task of clearing the room. This session picks right up from April 25th's session with the report right here on the blog. 

For our two psionists things got very difficult as they held off the monsters as we took over the disputed section of 'Engineering'. We began to go room to room after one of the psionists disrupted on the monsters mid phase leaving it trapped inside the station bulkhead as it's scream echoed into infinity! We then went room to room taking out any of the monster's victims. The rest of our party focused on making the Colonial Trooper's viewers & patrons happy with some good old fashioned violence as alien horrors tried to overrun our position. 
Because my PC is a pure colonial trooper he has a patron who backs him with money for ammo, maintence, and more. The patrons meanwhile keep an eye on the numbers of viewers who watch 'The Troopers' show. A zero net reality 3D reality show that finiances the escalating interstellar war. 
Things have been getting a bit desparate as the interstellar war is actually unfolding around the audience. Sometimes coming a little too close for comfort. 

We reached the reactor room and found evidence that someone aboard the station opened a dimensional doorway through ritual magick. Apparently for thier trouble they were turned inside out and the remains of the fool attacked us as a disgusting psychic slime! 
I swear the thing was trying to talk as we took it out with lasers and then a flame grenade. We left nothing of the 'crime scence' standing. Then it was more of the alien horrors but we were able too hold the reactor room for now. Then it was flamers all around! We didn't want to leave anything too attack us! 

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