Saturday, May 4, 2024

OSR Review & Commentary On Faster Than Light: Nomad Rpg By Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood, Josh Peters, & Robert Garitta

  Faster Than Light: Nomad is the latest incarnation of the 2d6 classic interstellar & Science Fiction rpg. Well refer to Faster Then Light: Nomad.  This game is a great reinterpretation of the classic Science Fiction rules & that's what FTLN does. This set of rules is very streamlined and compact. It takes the classic 2d6 & makes solid edition choices too make rules and such simple as well as elegant. 

FTLN takes thier rules in some interesting directions as a variation on the Cepheus Engine rules. They make some bold rules, editing, and writing choices that separate at it from standard Cepheus Engine rules such as: "Streamlined 2d6 core mechanic with dice pool components. Instead of rolling 2d6 with a series of modifiers as in classic 2d6 games, in FTL: Nomad you roll a bunch of dice, and choose the lowest or highest two, then add them together and add the skill modifier." 
And we also get this approach with 
PC generation as well;"Fast but deeply customizable character generation. Distribute 5 points among 7 skills, choose an Archetype, choose a Talent, calculate Stamina dn Encumbrance, and choose a gear package. That's it. But this means that a wide range of combinations are possible!" This allows the player to take more ownership of thier character during creation.  Don't think that Stellagama Publishing skimps on the total role playing game package here. 
Faster Then Light Nomad is very well laidout, solidly edited, and has an easy to read font. As PDF FTLN has a complete table of contents, index, and is simple, straight forward, as well as being well organized.This book clocks in at two hundred & seventy seven pages of 2d6 rpg goodness including streamlined combat,  psionics, starship creation, robotics and cybernetic creation rules, and more. This means that the Faster Then Light: Nomad Rpg is a complete role playing game unto itself. This makes the 10.00 dollar price tag easier on the wallet. 
So that the 
Faster Than Light: Nomad Rpg  is the 2d6 go too for a fast, entertaining, and complete Saturday night adventure! And this is is what FTLN is good for! The pull of a solid evening's entertainment and enjoyable 2d6  game play.  

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