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OSR Review & Commentary On The Cha'alt Experience: Designing Worlds Like A F*cking Boss By Venger Satanis For Any Rpg

 "This is how I built Cha'alt, and how I'm going to teach you to design your own campaign setting.  This is not like any other world-building tome.  Since conceiving Cha'alt, I've taken an unorthodox approach to its design.  The proof is in the gelatinous slime shaking like a bowl full of ichorous jelly - I'm in the middle of a second long-term campaign... after a couple hundred one-shots.  Cha'alt has become my imaginative home, and I hope to inspire you, as well as, provide the tools to make your own world where awesome adventures take place. "

"RPG Pundit wrote the foreword.  He was the perfect person for that particular job, as you'll read.  At the end of the advice portion of the book, I lay out our divergent yet somehow probably intertwined philosophies for the gaming ideal.  Two halves of the same coin, perhaps..."

"If you've ever thought of creating your own world, check this out.  Especially if you have any interest in the following... eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse, humor, sleaze, pop-culture, and grindhouse exploitation."

"Special thanks regarding the spider-jack random table (waiting to receive additional feedback before an official update to this title) goes to Roger Jones, Paddy's Parlor, everybody on the Inapprorpiate Characters monthly RPG show, and those participating over at TheRPGsite." 

The Cha'alt Experience: Designing Worlds Like A F*cking Boss By Venger Satanis clocks in at a hundred & thirty one pages of Venger's design & writing philosphy as well as process for creating Cha'alt. And it starts off with some words of wisdom from RpgPundit about this book. Because The Cha'alt Experience ( yes, this is how I shall be referring to it) takes in many of Venger Satanis's writing and designing process then runs you through it step by step. This is all done in wit and wisdom of Venger Satanis. 
Say what you want but in 'The Cha'alt Experience' Venger does know what he's talking about. He shows you from the ground up how not only to design a campaign setting but an rpg world setting from the ground up. 'The Cha'alt Experience' really compliments the three Cha'alt volumes in a way as both a 'behind the curtain' and solid guide to campaign creation. 
Is 'The Cha'alt Experience' any good?! If you've experienced any of Venger Satanis's other Cha'alt books then I'd say a hardy,yes! This supplement really goes hand to tentacle deeply into Venger's philosphy and writing style that the reader can take or leave. 
'The Cha'alt Experience' plays right into the guidelines laid down in Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows and this makes this supplement both a companion and supplement.  We also see this within the adventure included with 'The Cha'alt Experience'. 

And this is taken up with 'The Blind Monks of Perrshaar' the adventure that Venger ran at GaryCon this past year. 'The Cha'alt Experience' takes on the gonzo and cultastic rpg elements that Venger likes to use so much. And then breaks them down bit by bit for the DM or player to use at thier leasure.  Because of many of the gonzo and design wisdom found in 'The Cha'alt Experience' makes it completely 'rpg system agnoistic'. 
Is 'The Cha'alt Experience' worth the twenty dollar price tag?! That's another story, in my opinion because of the artwork and such. It costs alot to put together an rpg supplement today. Personally for my wallet, I'd wait until Venger has one of his killer sales before getting the 'Cha'alt Experience' 
Is the 'Cha'alt Experience' worth getting?! Yes if your looking for some solid advice on gettting into the deep end of gonzo and cultastic role playing then definitely! 

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