Saturday, May 18, 2024

Deals Within Deals - - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg - Mirrors By Joseph Mohr - Session Report

We pick up with our party meeting in virtual space with the slavers representives after last week's   session available here. Our fixer did her job acting as a go between for a deal between  the Slavers Consortium & a coven  of  the Circeans witches called the Grove of Hope. The grove has a small piece of 'the rod of Evermore' which is actually a sophisticated nanite collective. The nanites are able make the infertile, fertile again. And we were able to actually wrangle a profit out of this mess in the meantime. We delivered the 'rod of Evermore' to the Slaver's representive. 

So using a combination of Einstein time and the hyperspace gate we made it back in time to avoid the foreclose on Guiron in the next few months. Which is actually days in relative time. Now of course we've got to do a job for the 'Grove of Hope' by delivering terraforming equipment. They however are also offering more information on genetic damage the colonists within the  Guiron system have suffered. 
This damage is generational but the cause has our party concerned because others could take advantage of thier vulnerability. So we are we looking at some sort of damage from an entropy weapon used in the system's past?
 This has the interest of  Major Bartholomew Rodriguez and the Interstellar Police because this weapon could still be in system. All of this stems from Joseph Mohr's Mirrors adventure available here

We've expanded far past the basic plot of Mirrors, and are now diving into deeper waters with 
the Circeans witches's terraforming delivery. We fear that there may be other powers involved with the delivery. We've got our cyberfreaks looking into the details of the delivery because we smell something weird?! 

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