Saturday, May 11, 2024

In Way Over Thier Heads - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg - Session Report- Mirrors By Joseph Mohr

 The PC's in tonight's game ran head long into some very dangerous aliens after two of thier cybersneaks broke into the mainframes of Guiron. They managed to break in and track down the high end genetic &  medical supplies from last session.  And then faked series of delivery orders for the medical center! The party flew thier space hauler there. And here's where things get very interesting! 

The party were met by a gaggle of Guironian Morlocks & cloned Guironian scientists who were in turn guarded by strangely fish like humaniods. The party wanted to know whom the Guironians were dealing with for thier medical supplies and the fish like humanoids telepathically told them. It was thier old friends the Slavers Consortium. Needless to say that the players were not amused by this because in the past the Slavers have been less then honest with the PC's. 
There has been some highly questionable cloning going on for several centuries on Guiron. The robbery of the hover train is cover the debt owed to the Slavers by the people of Guiron. 
The Slavers are trying to decide if the PC's are going to live or become slaves to be sold on the open market. The party didn't wait to find out thier decision and blasted thier way out. 
They contacted  Major Bartholomew Rodriguez & of course the Slavers Consortium made it look like the party had tried to highjack thier operations. The Interstellar Police arrived to inform the Slavers Consortium that they don't have the proper paperwork to operate within the  Guiron system. 
Behind closed doors the Interstellar Police also want the money back that the pirates cartel working for the Guironians stole. The party in the meantime wants out at this point and through several strings that Major Bartholomew Rodriguez pulled they were able to get out almost scott free. Except for the fact that the Slavers are pissed at them for interferring in  a major operation.  And the fact that the Slavers will foreclose on Guiron in the next few months. 

The party's fixer decided to get involved and now the party must find a major artifact that has significance to the Slavers to avoid the foreclosure order! More next week as the plot thickens! 

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