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The Shrine of Thasaidon - Warriors of the Red Planet & Clark Ashton Smiths Zothique - Session Report

 Our characters in DM Paul's game entered a gateway to another plane but we were cautioned not to stray from the path. We strayed from the path and ended up on a flat ever expanding desert.The PC's immediately recognized the giant bloated red star in the sky. We found ourselves on Zothique

It is believed that the cover art can or could be obtained from Ballantine Books.

This was bad because we had no idea where on Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique we were. And we were in the middle of a desert. And on Zothique we were as good as dead. The deserts on Zothique the far future Earth is filled with all manner of undead horrors! 
We had water fortunately and some rations among our lot & we had plenty of weapons as well as ammo. Our party of Warriors of the Red Planet had a stomach full of experience with desert planets. 

We trugged through the desert wasteland for a couple of hours when we came to a rock shrine or small temple. The whole affair was covered in carved demons & outrageous devils writ in some odd form of common was the following: 
"Black Lord of bale and fear, master of all confusion!
By thee, thy prophet saith,
New power is given to wizards after death,
And witches in corruption draw forbidden breath
And weave such wild enchantment and illusion
As none but lamiae may use;
And through thy grace the charneled corpses lose
Their horror, and nefandous loves are lighted
In noisome vaults long nighted;
And vampires make their sacrifice to thee —
Disgorging blood as if great urns had poured
Their bright vermilion hoard
About the washed and weltering sarcophagi.

-- Ludar's Litany to Thasaidon." 
We looked around the shrine and then we heard the thunderous sound of foot falls. Before we could blink we were surround by men. 
And then we were surrounded by city guards! 'State your purpose & business within the kingdom of old Tasuun?!' Our mind master quickly stated, 'We are mercenaries and fighting men of forgein lands seeking employment, sire. " 
'You will find plenty of employment here sir. Quickly come in the Old Gate'. And we quickly brought before the master of arms of the Old City of Tasuun and brought onto the payroll.' 
Next week we find out our mission 

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