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Review & OSR Commentary On Dirty Wars Corporate Armies In The Hostile Setting By Paul Elliot For the Hostile Rpg

 "Private military contractors are the mercenaries of the Hostile setting, fighting the 'dirty wars' ... unconventional, irregular, unlawful, complicated ... 

"These forces are hired by corporations, governments and NGOs to secure locations, carry out patrols, peace-keeping, VIP escort and, more recently, full-on combat operations in high-intensity war zones. "

"This book helps you create a experienced veteran - the perfect PMC candidate. It also goes into PMC organisation and mission types, and on establishing your own PMC. New military vehicles are provided, a useful kit list and a run-down of all of the 'dirty wars' in the Hostile setting."

Dirty Wars Corporate Armies In The Hostile Setting By Paul Elliot For the Hostile Rpg is the latest offering from the prolific pen of Paul Elliot. Dirty Wars dives below the surface of the dirty world of corporate armies. The first part of Dirty Wars goes into PC creation, career events, and career rotation for mercenary character creation. 
The author does an excellent job of creating no nonsense, grounded PC's without diving into action movie cliches. Dirty Jobs takes the worry out of PC creation with easy and straight forward creation in the world of Hostile. And in the world of Hostile there are literally plenty of opportunities for a mercenary campaign according to the intro; "Private military contractors in 2225 have many opportunities for employment, not just amongst the crisis zones and battlefields of a crumbling Earth, but on the off-world colonies that orbit remote stars. The long, icy tendrils of the corporate interstellar supply lines must be protected from saboteurs, fractious colonies, economic collapse and jealous colonial authorities. Do you want a piece of the action? If you have the relevant experience and clean rap sheet, then sign up!" So Dirty Wars this gives the impression of the deep & dangerous corporate warfare world of Hostile. And it's a really good overview in Dirty Wars. 

Hostile's big time corporate warfare players next from Amadeus Group to Vigo's Combat Specialists. Then we get the payers & client list which are a group of mega corporation that PC's really don't want to cross in the  world of Hostile. 
And then we get into contract work and taking a job. The DM actually gets mission & adventure types with set up, victory conditions, and exacution. This is done for the DM with style. 
Then we get into the down and dirty of creating a PMC which covers;"a Record of 10 or 20, which serves as a measure of their professionalism, efficiency and reliability, important factors in attracting investment." again this is a well done compliment to the system.  
Then the 'Gear & Rules' section which gives us new weaponry, gear, and more for our PMC. And there's some neat little bits and pieces here for a party. Then we dive into vehicles for the player's PC's. 
Finally, we get a 'Creating The Enemy' section which is a small tool box for creating oppostion forces from elites to common foes. This sesction has a small selection of great NPC's ready to take down your PMC. And then we get a nice 'Mission Randomiser' generator for creating missions and adventures on the fly. Even deeper into Dirty Wars we get a Warzone Encounters which is a tool box for on the fly encounters. 
We then dive into the Dirty Wars section  of Hostile a cross section of Earth, and beyond warzones where your PMC can shine! Note that Dirty Wars is a lethal and highly dangerous universe where your a bullet away from a new PC. Dirty Wars continues this tradition. 
Given the over all sheen of Dirty Wars, I've got to say that I continue to be impressed with the quality of writing, the design ethos, the layout, and solid vision of Dirty Wars & Hostile. Dirty Wars is an excellent fit for  the universe of Hostile. The overall package of Dirty Wars is absolutely consisent with the world of Hostile. 

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