Thursday, May 2, 2024

Fire Fight - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg - Session Report- Mirrors By Joseph Mohr

 In tonight's game the party went to talk with the captains of  several Suns of Gold style trade ships that came to Guiron in the past several months. In tonight's We're going to talk with the captains of these ships! Except that things went off the rails quickly. This picks right up from this session here on the blog. 

We got fired upon right out of the airlock on Guiron! And it took out one of our bio cyborgs! Things escalated very quickly & the local authorities were going to come down on us hard! We knew the locals were using Sisterhood of Morrgna mercenary forces and our crew wanted nothing too do with pissing these ladies off. 
And incase your wondering what's going on we're acting as skip tracers for  an undercover  Major Bartholomew Rodríguez of the Interstellar Police. We played Mirrors By Joseph Mohr like a Noir Strange Stars adventures. 

So we left the starport fast & covered our tracks with a psionic grenade or two blending into the crowd that was running from the scene at the starport. We time to think and regroup back at our starhauler! We pick up the two micro cams & holo recorders we laid back at the enterance to the starport. 
Back aboard our starhauler our cybersneak does a quick change with our starhauler's ID number and interstellar reg plates. And we change the holo signature of our starship as well. So we started doing some digging and found out that there have been lots of high end medical supply & equipment deliveries to 
Guiron! The players  think that thier PC's  way in over thier heads and we could have some serious interstellar players behind this adventure we've gotten ourselves into. 

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