Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Outlaw Hunt - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg - Session Report- Mirrors By Joseph Mohr

 "While in star port, between missions, the travelers hear the news about a spectacular crime that too place recently in the Sonora sector. Daring thieves robbed a hover train and got away with more than MCR 3 worth of gold bullion. The thieves were masked and got away according the news reports."

"While in port the travelers are contacted by Major Bartholomew Rodríguez of the Sonoran Interstellar Police. He is interested in hiring the travelers for a little freelance job. The Sonoran Police have determined that the robbers fled the world to a system on the edge of the Sonora sector called Guirion. He needs someone to visit the planet Guirion and find the thieves."

"Apparently there was an eye witness to the event who saw one of the thieves unmasked. He gave a detailed description which was used to make a composite drawing of the thief."

"This world is technically not within Sonoran space but is in the nearby unexplored sector. As such the Sonoran Police have no authority on that world. What he needs is someone who is not employed, directly, by the Sonoran Interstellar Police to find the thieves and bring them to justice in the Sonora sector"
The PC's find themselves in the middle of an operation of the interstellar police! The events of the Starmart affair puts the players into the sights of the interstellar police. The PC's find themselves face to face with an undercover  Major Bartholomew Rodríguez of the Interstellar Police. We played Mirrors By Joseph Mohr like a Noir Strange Stars adventures. 

We sat down with Major Bartholomew Rodriguez  and he gave us the skinny on Guiron. And it wasn't what we were expecting but a major world outside of the sector main hyperspace gateways. Our party crunched the numbers and something didn't add up. We called in a Ibglibdishpan Humanoid biocomputers councillor to take a look into the population. We've used this guy in the past. 
Guiron is far more advanced technologically then the time of the world would allow. The PC's began uncovering the fact that there have been alien intervention on the genetics and adjustment of the population of Guiron. 

We met with the local authorities and they highly cooperative but a bit evasive. There was something off about the robbery?! It was highly profession and very well excacuted. And our group thinks it might have been a very well orcastrated governmental operation. This came about from a recreation that we did in private VR space after feeding in all of the operations. 
We back tracked several Suns of Gold style trade ships that came to Guiron in the past several months. We're going to talk with the captains of these ships coming up next week. 

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