Friday, April 5, 2024

Colonies On A Needle's Head Among The Clouds - - The Oort Cloud & The Hostile Rpg - Campaign Setting Update

 A while back, I talked about using the Oort Cloud section of our outer solar system as an exploitable resource for the Hostile rpg. A place of ship sized asteriods & comet points just outside of Neptune on the blog here. 

The Orrt Cloud would be the perfect point for a starship building yard and it could potentially be the point to drop off some alien ruins onto it. And it this place would be a dynamic zone for both explorers and miners in the Hostile universe. And while the majority of the 2 million dollar bonus for any concrete information leading to any evidence for alien life forms would be bunk from the corportations.The drive for getting that bonus would be the continued expansion into the the Kuiper belt, for the establishment of facilities for faster processing of materials and starship manufacturing. 
The very nature of the beltways are going to be a source of frustration and expansion of mankind into the belt. The lure of the belt would be a 'moth to flame' for the corporations. Easily accessible resources and the potential for exploitable employment of those resources. The bonus for explorers stands at thirty thousand credits for new claims on resources. Gettting to spend it is another matter entirely. 
Would the combination though turn out to be deadly for those exploring and cataloging the mountain sized spinning points of death? 
To a certain extent the answer is yes. The very nature of the Rpg Hostile makes this a certainity. And this also would drive forward the point of establishing colonies among the worlds of the Oort Cloud. 
The gold rush of the Oort Cloud is the fact that comets and the like are readily exploitable for fuel materials for interstellar craft. And given the proxcimity of the cloud to major hyperspace points the potential is there for serious expansion. 
There are rumors of a possible colony or two that has been lost among the cloud during the beginning of the Second Recession according to the Hostile timeline but these remain rumors. These rumors also tell about huge strikes of nickel and other resources supporting such a colony. They remain the floss of roughnecks and spacers. 
The truth is much more darker and mundane, colonies among the Oort Cloud are established as both exploitable and temperory affairs. Minining colonies that can be packed up and moved where needed. Permenant settlements come with the striking of usuable material. Many of the mining colonies are moved as needed moving miners and families all. The corporations are exploiting the people as much as the resources. 
There have been several combinations of metals and materials that have not been found anywhere else in space given the unique nature of the Oort Cloud and it's tumbling resources. Add to this exotic nature of such materials and the value of the Cloud becomes quite clear. 

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