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The Next Frontier By Joseph Mohr & The Clement Sector Rpg Session Report - Wolf Attack - Session Report

 "After a long and grueling mission the travelers are relaxing at a star port tavern when they are approached by a grizzled old veteran of the Sonoran Frontier Scout Service. He is looking for crews for scouting duties beyond the borders of the Sonora sector. These areas beyond the borders are dangerous and unexplored by humans. Humans have certainly visited the edges of these sectors but none have fully been explored. In fact...most of these sectors have barely been touched by human visitors. As the human race expands outward into the stars the need for knowledge of these frontiers places becomes more imperative." 

"The Frontier Scout Service has scouted many such places. But in recent years the strain on the service’s resources has become apparent. Too many of their scouts have perished in this outer rim of the galaxy. Many scouts have gone into the wildest places of the adjacent sectors and have not returned. No trace has been recovered of most of these expeditions.

The Frontier Scout Service needs a brave team to make a survey of the nearby sub-sector which the Frontier Scout Service has designated Galakodana" 

I had a spur of the moment Clement Sector rpg session & we had already completed our first leg of the campaign already. The PC's were swept away by the money that the 
grizzled old veteran of the Clement  Frontier Scout Service. The Next Frontier By Jospeh Mohr is well done & well written. The Next Frontier can easily be adapted to any 2d6 Rpg Science Fiction. Note that 'aliens' in our Clement sector games are actually uplifted or modified humans who were sent on exploritory missions during the days of wormhole. The Clement sector has lost communication with this region of space. 
The PC's signed onto the patronage of Scout Charles Anderson whose service to the Clement Frontier Scout Service has been done with solid references. Those references were checked & they began in earnest. The party began to note the number of dangerous hyperspacial and subspace anomolies which played merry havoc with some of thier drives. The party made for a ball of ice & it was a pock marked Hellscape called 
Tormazonia. We made contact with the lizard like humanoid  Ginuk who had a small Science resarch outpost on this icy world. 

The biggest question was why?! The PC's began looking at everything about Tormazonia. And found out that the little world has naturally occuring cold fusion & this got the PC's excited. 
Everything was going well until some uplifted pirates showed up! And of course it's Wolf time thanks to Ian Stead's artwork. 

The edges of the Clement Sector map are slowly being reclaimed from the Blackness in our campaign. These areas are being claimed back by the Scout Service and the Cascadia Colonization Authority which keeps close tabs on the Scouts.

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