Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Next Frontier By Joseph Mohr & The Clement Sector Rpg Session Report - Wolf Slaughter - Session Report

 We scrambled into fighters that were provided by the  Ginuk & blasted one of the pirate ships that had been attacking the Science station on Tormazonia. We were able to block the transmission from the planet side to the pirate's base ship deeper in system. This session report comes on the heels of the last session report.   And of course it's Wolf time thanks to Ian Stead's artwork. 

The uplifted pirates were only part of the issue because of the fact that they've been pushed deeper into the blackness because of the Clement Frontier Scout Service. This is because the Clement sector navies have been taking such a toll on the syndicate pirate fleets. Our guys in tonight's game didn't let the pirates make planet side at all. 
There are medical advances and planetary resources that make 
the Science station on Tormazonia far too valuable to advancing pioneers & the Clement sector's worlds. The players wanted to make sure that the pirate ships weren't leaving the planet alive at all. The player's PC's made sure that
 the Scout Service and the Cascadia Colonization Authority which keeps close tabs on the Scouts were informed of the events on Tormazonia. The PC's had one pirate ship land on the planet and they engaged in a prolonged fire fight that took up the rest of the night. The party killed any pirates that they managed to take down except one who was then psionically probed and vital information was taken. 

Tonight's adventure picks up from the internal affairs described by  The Next Frontier By Jospeh Mohr which  is well done & well written. The Next Frontier can easily be adapted to any 2d6 Rpg Science Fiction.

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