Thursday, April 4, 2024

Stick Em In Isolation - SuperMax By Michael Allen Straus & Warriors of the Red Planet

 Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg has some of my favorite monsters and my players over the years have come to really hate them. A few of them have through various adventures ended up on other realities due to the machinations of the player's PC's actions. One of these NPC monsters was the Egg of Crepsys and this particular Egg was known as the Horror of the  Blackmoor Plains.  

'The Horrors of The Blackmoor Planes' was whisked away to another reality by a magical artifact and that was the end of the Horror. Except it wasn't quite, the 'Horror' appeared in a recent Wretched Vigilante rpg session being the brains and power behind a powerful gang of mercenaries. The Egg escaped only to be captured by authorities and taken away. These WoR Rpg exist on a Martian heavy alternative timeline. 
And that was the last that player's heard except it wasn't. The Horror was taken away to Area 23 which is the deepest hole you can find for evil and nasty cosmic entities. A few other NPC monsters there include an Anthipode named Princess Zonn who almost killed three of our player's PC's. And Dark Eyes named Sarah Anderson who assumed the persona of a woman that it killed from a human colony. Ms. Anderson believes she is the colonist even though the Dark Eyes controls anyone she meets. All of these ended up in Area 23 along with some of the other 'special guests' that have been making their way into the campaign's Supermaxes. 
SuperMax By Michael Allen Straus has all of the guidelines needed to make a Supermax of your own. And since I've got NPC monsters and aliens these are going to get a work out in our current campaign. Supermax is very well done. 

Supermax has everything you as the DM needs to create their own prison for 'special cases' and these prisons are great for introducing powerful or dangerous NPC's. I'm also going to be sticking a bunch of Cha'alt NPC's into the mix as well. 

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