Monday, April 29, 2024

Blood & Suffering - Into The SuperMax - Wretched Darkness Session Report

 During this morning's Wretched Darkness/Wretched Vigilantes game session the players wanted some insight into a cult calling themselves  the Acolytes of Pain. They got permission from thier government contact to visit one of the Supermax prison's on the campaign world. We reviewed Supermax over here on the blog.  

The trip in with the military escorts and the security checks went well. No one was stupid enough to attempt to egg the soldiers on. Down into solid bed rock the party went until they crossed into the international boundry. They were led past row after row of cryo sleep chambers and cells. The hiss of escaping gasses spooked the party. They felt as if eyes were watching them.. They were led to a glass room.  Inside dressed in strange fetish style robes and an orange prison jump suit a weird figure stood. There was a sharp intake of breath as the figure looked at them with strangely lidded eyes with alien eyes. 'You have thirty minutes for an interview. But no flash photography, please'.  

The PC's were investigating the 'Mansfield Masscare' which was actually the site of Wretched's Sexual Holocaust adventure which we ran at the beginning of the campaign. This marked the first entry into our world of one of the Disciplines of Pain. This bastard committed horrid crimes to come into the role of 'super villain' after his summoner was killed. 
The PC's are trying to stop another series of ritual murders by  a cult calling themselves  the Acolytes of Pain. They've taken on several ritualistic mutations from the Discplines of Pain. They must be taken to the Beyond for thier final conversion into demonhood. This is going to involve a lot of suffering, pain, and death that the PC's are trying to prevent. 
And the player's PC's want answers before the next new moon. Next week the interview! 

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