Sunday, March 3, 2024

Haul & Hunt Begins! - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg - Session Report- The Star Mart By Joseph Mohr

 So the party convinced the Starmart executives from last session to move into the Nanohub area of Circus. Starmart then hired the party to take care of pesky shop lifters who had taken four space freighters from backstock. This session picks right up from here on the blog.  And all of this revolves around a new Cepheus Engine adventure Star Mart.

The party tracked the pirates/shoplifters to the next level of Circus and came face to face with a pack of Hellhounds working for the pirates. And found out that the pirates were working for the Slavers who needed 'cargo' moved fast hence the thefts of the freighters. 
The party busted the pirates and returned the frieghters but picked up the job from the slavers. And this cargo is actually a herd of bio clone animals readied for a full senses  hunt by the Djägga  wiith a multi galaxy pay for view. The PC's were way on board with this cargo haul even though there's a time limit on it! The whole job pays 40,000 credits which means space hauler update! The party's cyber operators are actually bigging up the 'Great Hunt' event for sport and betting for the party! 

The party is hoping to make a killing on side bets with the fact that the hunt will actually be from the alien slaver's perspective giving alien and weird perceptions too the audience in VR complete simulation.  This is all being underwritten by the Starmart! The PC's could make a killing on this VR event if all goes right. 

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